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Comic-Con: TOTAL RECALL Panel Recap

     July 13, 2012

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It’s rare for a film to come to consecutive Comic-Cons, but Total Recall showed up last year at the beginning of production, and now it’s returned with its theatrical release only weeks away.  We’ve seen multiple trailers, TV spots, images, …

Teaser for the Teaser Trailer for TOTAL RECALL

     March 27, 2012

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A 45-second teaser trailer for the Total Recall teaser trailer has gone online.  I was hoping we could get a 15-second teaser for the 45-second teaser, and maybe even a 5-second teaser for the 15-second teaser, but maybe one day …

Comic-Con 2011: TOTAL RECALL Panel Recap

     July 22, 2011

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As I said with the Fright Night panel, remakes are tricky but at least the original Fright Night a pretty straight film.  Paul Verhoeven’s Total Recall is insane.  Not only does it have a twisty plot which it then drops …