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TYRANT Recap: “Sins Of The Father”

     July 15, 2014

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Throughout its short run so far, Tyrant has shown glimpses of being an interesting series that explores a difficult issue with some complexity.  But most of the time, it’s chosen plot over characterization, and broad strokes over nuance.  The first part could …

TYRANT Recap: “My Brother’s Keeper”

     July 8, 2014

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Tyrant‘s third episode, “My Brother’s Keeper,” suggested that the series wants to soar to great heights, but it doesn’t quite know how to get there.  The hour was full of political intrigue and interest, yet it also dragged.  The extreme complications in …

TYRANT Recap: “State of Emergency”

     July 1, 2014

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The premiere of FX’s long-anticipated Tyrant, which went through a number of directors and rewrites before settling on the current story and style (that is, a glossy Middle Eastern Godfather, in a flattering comparison), caused a divisive reaction.  With the Homeland pedigree, and FX’s great …

TYRANT Series Premiere Recap: “Pilot”

     June 24, 2014

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From the snow of Fargo, we now move to the sands of the fictional Middle Eastern nation of Abuddin, where FX’s newest drama series Tyrant is set up to be part Homeland, part Dynasty.  In a strong (but still somewhat boilerplate) pilot, Bassam “Barry” Al-Fayeed (Adam …