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BIG GAME Review | TIFF 2014

     September 12, 2014

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A good thirty minutes into Jalmari Helander’s Big Game, a thought arises that never ceases to fade: “Shouldn’t I be having more fun considering the goofy premise?”  It’s a kid in the wilderness who’s forced to protect the President of …

ARGO Blu-ray Review

     February 19, 2013

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Like a lot of Best Picture contenders, Argo has been swallowed up by the hype of Oscar season. The perceived slight of director Ben Affleck turned the former dark horse into the current favorite, prompting all kinds of speculation as …

ARGO Review

     October 12, 2012

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[This is a re-post of my review of from the Toronto International Film Festival.  Argo opens today.] “That should be a movie,” someone might say if they read the true story behind Ben Affleck‘s Argo. It’s larger-than-life but not beyond …