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Chris Hemsworth Offered Lead Role in AMERICAN ASSASSIN

     October 10, 2012

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It looks like CBS Films has found their terrorist hunter in Chris Hemsworth (Thor) for American Assassin.  Hemsworth would be playing Mitch Rapp, a college scholar and athlete who becomes a relentless anti-terrorism agent for the CIA as a result …

Bruce Willis in Talks for AMERICAN ASSASSIN

     September 6, 2012

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When last we reported on American Assassin, it was to inform you that Jeffrey Nachmanoff (Traitor) was set to direct.  Now, it looks like Bruce Willis is in negotiations to join the adaptation.  Based on the novel written by Vince Flynn and adapted by Mike Finch, American Assassin is a prequel …

CBS Films Gives Antoine Fuqua a CONSENT TO KILL

     January 12, 2010

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Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, Brooklyn’s Finest) has been tapped as the director of Consent to Kill, a spy thriller to be produced by CBS Films in conjunction with Lorenzo DiBonaventura. Consent to Kill will be the first big-screen adaptation of …