Watch Taika Waititi Destroy a Set While Trying to Hug Chris Evans

     September 21, 2019


I don’t think my heart has known such joy until today and it’s all thanks to Taika Waititi, as per usual. On Saturday, Waititi was seemingly in a nostalgic mood because he shared a throwback video from the recent past — TIFF 2019, to be exact. Even though he was there to promote his upcoming film, Jojo Rabbit, the director’s video had nothing to do with it and instead, focused on Twitter’s crown prince Chris Evans.

What’s in the video, you ask? I’ll let Waititi’s caption that accompanied the video do the talking:

“I destroyed the #KnivesOutMovie interview set trying to give #ChrisEvans a cuddle. I wasn’t even drunk.ish.”

The video shows exactly this and it’s glorious. Words don’t quite capture just how great it is to see Waititi bound across a set while channeling the largest amount of Golden Retriever energy possible in his effort to hug Evans. Evans seems both shocked and surprised as Waititi’s fervor but seeing it all end with a hug between these two Marvel Cinematic Universe stars while also having some reunion time is just too adorable. Even better was Evans’ reply later on Saturday: “Highlight of the weekend. Maybe the entire year.”

As previously mentioned, Waititi and Evans were at TIFF this year for non-MCU reasons. While Waititi was on Jojo Rabbit duty, Evans was at TIFF for Knives Out and was getting his picture taken for that promotional process. The director and the actor are geared up for some respectively exciting fall seasons. Jojo Rabbit is already garnering awards season buzz after scooping up the TIFF People’s Choice Award, a harbinger of Oscars glory. Meanwhile, Evans will be seen on the big screen rubbing shoulders with the stellar cast of director Johnson‘s Knives Out, his second non-MCU feature film appearance this year in addition to appearing in Netflix’s original movie The Red Sea Diving Resort.

Jojo Rabbit arrives in theaters on October 18. Knives Out debuts on November 27. Be sure to also check out our TIFF reviews of Jojo Rabbit and Knives Out.

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