Exclusive Video Interview with TANGLED Directors Nathan Greno and Byron Howard

     November 21, 2010

I’ve covered Tangled since Comic-Con in late July, and I have developed a certain rapport with co-directors Byron Howard and Nathan Greno. Besides making a great effort for Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 50th animated feature film, the duo are incredibly easy to talk to and time seems to fly by with them. This week I will be posting interviews with the cast and crew, and I decided that for my third interview with Nathan and Byron, I would go a bit lighter and just have fun. These guys have to be exhausted, but their hard work was worth the effort as evidenced by the end product. So hit the jump for my brief interview where I inquire about life after Tangled, what it was like to wrap on the film, Easter Eggs, special features on the home video release, and whether Nathan is itching to get at any of the Marvel properties.

Below you can see I time stamped the interview for your convenience.   You can also check out 4 clips from Tangled below the interview.

  • 0:11- Asked if they will get out of California for a bit because they really haven’t left while making the film.
  • 0:59- I ask if they had cots at Disney Studios to sleep in.
  • 1:39- Asked what a Disney wrap party is like and if they have a countdown clock for the eventual time when they have to stop working on the film.
  • 1:59- Nathan is a big comic fan, so I ask if he is eyeing any of the Marvel properties now.
  • 3:05- Inquired about the status of the DVD/Blu-ray and the potential special features.
  • 3:25- Mentioned seeing the gypsy monkey in the credits roll because they said there were Easter Eggs in the film. They counter with the fact that they snuck Pinocchio into the film as well.

Tangled hits the 3D and 2D screen on November 24th, and I hope that you give the film a shot. Disney’s animation division has not had the same sparkling reputation they had in the early ‘90s, but with John Lasseter taking over the reigns of Disney’s animation division, the results are shining through. Stay tuned throughout the week for more interviews and my full review, and you can check out my previous interviews with the directors from Comic-Con and Disney Animation Studios.

And if you missed them, here’s a bunch of clips from Tangled:

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