Tarsem Singh’s DAWN OF WAR In 3D? Yes, Please.

     February 2, 2010

the_fall_movie_image_tarsem_singh.jpgTarsem Singh, best know for producing, writing, and directing the visually stimulating The Fall, has brought the $115-million Montreal-based production of the ancient Greece epic Dawn of War to a screeching halt, according to The Montreal Gazette (via The Playlist). The culprit should come as no surprise: 3D.

The producers are contemplating shooting the film in 3D, a move that would add roughly $15 million to the budget and possibly delay shooting, which was scheduled to begin this month. However, this isn’t your average studio film being thrown an extra dimension. Singh is known for his visuals, which was about the only redeeming quality of his first feature film, The Cell. With lots of special effects and an extra dimension, it should be interesting to see what Singh brings to the table if they move forward with 3D. Meanwhile, Henry Cavill of The Tudors fame is still set to star in the film, which Singh says he is bringing a contemporary style to.

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