Image Comics’ New Title ‘Tartarus’ Is Pitched as ‘Breaking Bad’ Meets ‘Star Wars’

     November 26, 2019

Do you like Star Wars? How about Breaking Bad? And what about genre-bending stories that also blend Greek mythology, cyberpunk ideologies, and even dating apps? Something tells me you’re gonna love Tartarus, the upcoming Image Comics title from writer Johnnie Christmas (Angel Catbird) and artist Jack T. Cole (The Unsound). The comic book releases February 2020, and we’ve got all the tasty details as to why it just might be your new favorite story.

The story centers on Tilde, a young space cadet who’s framed for space crimes she didn’t space commit. Along her journey, however, she discovers her mother’s dark past, and how it might affect her future. Cole spoke about the title’s goals and wide-varying influences eloquently.


Image via Image Comics

There is mysticism next to technology, ancient architecture carved into brutalist complexes, and outfits inspired by everything from Napoleonic uniforms to high fashion. Our hope is to create a rich sense of world that will draw readers in and compliment the scenes of visceral action, adventure, and mayhem.

Napoleon but make it fashion? Ooh, we’re in for Cole’s lewks. But what about Christmas’ visions? Beyond its Star Wars/Breaking Bad tonal crossover, here’s what else is going on from Christmas himself.

Jack and I wanted to build a world steeped in all the great sci-fi we love from Star Wars to Blade Runner and great drama from Breaking Bad to the Odyssey. We got to cooking up this ambitious idea of mixing Sci-fi, Greek Mythology, starships, alchemy, intergalactic dating apps all into a big pot and made what became Tartarus. We take Tilde and her friends on an action adventure that delves even further into the dark, to discover the mysteries of Tartarus and her past. But it’s also a lot of fun too! Tilde’s gotta have a sense of humor to cope with finding out she’s the daughter of a space warlord.

The title sounds like a hodgepodge of fun influences and postmodern trickery, and I can’t wait to see if Christmas and Cole can pull off this tightrope walk.


Image via Image Comics

Tartarus drops in comic book stores and wherever you get comics digitally February 12, 2020 — the perfect Valentine’s Day gift! Check out the official synopsis below. For more Image Comics intel, check out Channing Tatum‘s upcoming The Maxx movieRyan Coogler‘s upcoming Bitter Root movie, and Todd McFarlane‘s take on an Image Comics-centered TV show.

In Tartarus, a promising young cadet named Tilde is framed for crimes against the empire. As the mystery unravels, Tilde discovers that her mother was the ruthless warlord of the deadly colony Tartarus and a vital player in the galactic war. Now, Tilde’s only way home may be to reclaim her mother’s dark crown.

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