Teaser Trailer for BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM 2

     December 13, 2009


Debuting this past August, Batman: Arkham Asylum received massive praise from video game critics (which is surprising since neither the words “Halo” or “Zelda” appear in the title) and sold two million copies in its first three weeks of release.  During Spike TV’s 2009 Video Game Awards, WB debuted a teaser trailer for an untitled sequel and the overall picture is what gamers were hoping on the second go-round: bringing the fight to Gotham City.  It looks like someone has made the dumbest move of all-time and put the Asylum in the middle of the city.  But don’t worry; they have walls and floodlights.  You wonder if Batman looks at this and just says “Fuck it.  You’re on your own, Gotham.”

While the teaser shows criminals causing chaos throughout the streets before showing us a recuperating clown prince of the criminally insane, eagle-eyed viewers saw big hints about the sequel’s potential villains.  For those who assumed that developer Rocksteady would have to be mad to not include The Penguin and Two-Face in the sequel, worry not.  During the teaser, you’ll see a shot of the Iceberg Lounge (The Penguin), quick flashes of defaced recruitment posters where the “I” has been changed to “We” (Two-Face), and the word “SIONIS”, which is a reference to one of Bats’ lesser-known rogues, Black Mask.

Check out the trailer after the jump.  I’ve also included screengrabs of the aforementioned shots so you won’t have to turn on Detective Mode.  (On a related note, can us XBox 360 owners get some DLC-love on the first game?)

Head over to GameTrailers.com to see the trailer in HD.




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