First TED 2 Image Has Mark Wahlberg and Ted Ready to Do Some Scuba Diving

     December 19, 2014


A Million Ways to Die in the West and the 2013 Oscar Ceremony taught us that people don’t want to see Seth MacFarlane; they just want to hear him.  Ted is one of the most successful R-rated comedies of all-time, and now we have the first Ted 2 image.  We still don’t know much what John (Mark Wahlberg) and Ted will be up to in the sequel other than part of the movie will take place at Comic-Con, Ted will need a civil rights lawyer (played by Morgan Freeman), and Amanda Seyfried has replaced Mila Kunis as the female lead.  Also, MacFarlane tells EW that there won’t be any new talking creatures in the sequel.  “It’s basically the way we treated Stewie in Family Guy,” says MacFarlane. ”He’s the only one of his kind who can talk.”

Hit the jump to check out the new Ted 2 image.  The film opens June 26, 2015, and also stars Jessica Barth and John Slattery.

Via Universal Pictures.



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