Amanda Seyfried Calls TED 2 “Very Timely” but Also “Very Fucked Up”

     March 23, 2015


We know a good deal about what Ted (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) and John (Mark Wahlberg) are up to in Ted 2 thanks to the film’s first trailer, but while talking to Amanda Seyfried for her upcoming release, While We’re Young, she offered up some additional details on her character, Samantha Jackson, the lawyer who helps Ted out with some legal issues:

“She’s a stoner. She’s not like, super, super serious. She did go to law school. She does have her degree. It’s a law family, she’s from a law family so she just knew that’s what she was gonna do. She likes to help people. She’s on the good side of the law. She’s not that ambitious. [Laughs] She wants to have a job, she works at her uncle’s firm, which is great, but nobody takes her seriously – not just because of her age, I think it’s also probably because she’s a woman.”


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As for the case she tackles, besides the fact that it involves a talking teddy bear, it’s not as outlandish as one might expect:

“It’s just interesting the way it comes about. They have this case, it’s about equal rights. I think it’s very timely. He’s very timely. Seth is always making a point. Maybe not every episode of Family Guy – and by the way, he hasn’t written for Family Guy in five years, from what I’ve heard. But, you know, he has a voice and it’s like an assessment on where we’re at these days with equal rights and what is just, so it’s good. I hope a lot of people see it. I hope as many people see it as the first one. It’s the same, you know, poop jokes and dirty, dirty, dirty humor, but there’s a classiness to it that, I don’t know, I don’t think was as evident in the first one and I think it’s definitely different. It’s got more of a story. It’s really fucked up though. Still, I mean it’s Ted. How do you get people to see a movie? You’ve gotta have potty humor, that’s what it is, isn’t it?”

Seyfried also discussed her experience working with MacFarlane on Ted 2 compared to A Million Ways to Die in the West:

“It wasn’t that different. Except the only thing that was different was that Seth was in his normal clothes and not his Albert clothes, and he was a little less stressed – and I’m saying a little less stressed because he gets really stressed. It was more fun. I had the best time working on that movie. It’s so weird, I don’t do huge, big studio movies very often. I prefer doing independent movies. The paycheck is not great on either, so that’s never a factor, but the studio trusts him and there was so little pressure and so much time to shoot, it was great.”

After Ted scored over $549 million at the worldwide box office, the studio better trust him. (Although A Million Ways to Die in the West‘s performance might have rattled that confidence a bit.) As Seyfried mentioned, the trailer does have a good deal of potty humor in it, but the jokes still feel surprisingly natural and also very appropriate for the situation MacFarlane established in the first film. At this point, I’ve certainly got high hopes Ted 2 will live up to its predecessor, but we’ll probably get a clearer sense of whether or not MacFarlane really pulled it off as we near the film’s June 26th release and get some more promo material.


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