Dylan O’Brien Talks TEEN WOLF Season 3, His Character’s Motivations, How He’s Grown Since the First Season, and More

     April 3, 2013


The cast of MTV’s Teen Wolf stopped by WonderCon on Saturday to give fans a taste of what is to come in the show’s much anticipated third season. Before the panel, I was able to sit down for a roundtable interview with star Dylan O’Brien, who plays the much loved “Stiles” Stilinski on the show, to discuss what’s new in Beacon Hills.  O’Brien hinted at a lot of secrets being revealed about Deaton and the Argents, as well has his new relationship with Lydia.  He also talked about the possibility of collaborating with creator/executive producer Jeff Davis to write a full episode of the show sometime in the future.  Hit the jump for what he had to say.  Season three of MTV’s Teen Wolf premieres Monday, June 3rd.

You can watch part of the interview, or the full transcript is below.  Thank you to Lily Lapidese for shooting the video.

Dylan OBrien teen wolfQuestion: What can you tell us about season three?

Dylan O’Brien: Literally nothing.

Aaand we’re done.

O’Brien: Okay, great! [laughs] I could tell you that it’s bigger in terms of cast, obviously, there’s a lot more characters introduced, a lot more wolves, new pack coming into town and you don’t really know their motives, the history of it all. It all has to do with all the characters we’ve come to know in the first two seasons. And we kind of start finding out a little bit more about that background of the Deaton world and how they came to be involved, how the Argents and the wolves came to be in a battle, a war. They had some treaty in place. You start finding out the background of this whole world a little more this season which I don’t think we’ve touched on much the first couple of seasons, so that’s something that I’ve totally dug this year, just in reading the scripts, I’m like, oh, okay! That’s why that guy does that.

Your character was in a pretty dark place at the end of season two, with losing the trust of his dad and being beaten up and feeling kind of useless. How do you think that’s motivating him at the beginning of season three?

O’Brien: Yeah, that’s a good question. We pick up four months from that point, but yeah, that was definitely a boiling point where he hit a couple of walls, one with his dad, it was the first time he’d really been physically harmed in one of these circumstances, essentially, where it’s the kind of danger — it just becomes more real at that point, I think. He’s obviously known that this whole thing is dangerous for him to be involved in but he gets used to it, in a sense, and then when he gets hurt, that’s jarring. With Lydia, too, that just never seems to work out and that sucks! And then yeah, with his dad, he’s struggled with that and it just keeps getting worse and worse as things just escalate for his dad, for him, for everything, and they’re both always involved directly. And he can’t tell him and he doesn’t know if he tells him, would it put him in danger, would it make him more safe? It’s just a struggle. So yeah, coming into season three, he kind of wants to take more ownership of himself in all of it and protect the ones he loves, and that includes Lydia, even though he’s kind of putting that on hold ‘cause it hasn’t really worked out for him. He’s more just focused on saving everybody, protecting everybody, being that detective, that guy — his dad, essentially, is what we’re seeing him kind of become.

dylan-obrien-image-teen-wolfDoes Stiles get tempted by the powers that Scott and the pack have, and does he want that?

O’Brien: Yeah, especially in these moments of complete innate human weakness, where he just feels so frustrated, like — God, yeah, now, now would actually be a time when I would like some superpowers! That’s completely logical to think, it’s not something I think we touch on…externally. [laughs] I think it’s more of an in-depth character kind of thing that you’re feeling on there. Because yeah, we saw Stiles get the offer of the bite at the end of season one, it’s obviously been in his brain, it’s obviously been there. But I don’t think it’s a priority, especially now, it’s almost like — Stiles, I feel like, is that guy who goes the opposite route of what a normal human would do, it’s like if you maybe — if you’re in danger, or your dad’s in danger, or Lydia’s in danger at the end of season one or whatever, maybe the typical person would then just want power and kind of lose it, almost. But Stiles doesn’t focus on that and instead he just focuses on what he can control, and that’s himself and how he protects his loved ones and he just does what he can, and he knows that that’s the best way, really, despite it not being technically the most supernatural one or efficient…. [laughs]

Good job, good job.

O’Brien: That was a great one. You guys get that? Still rolling?

Is there anything you know now in the third season of the show you wish you could go back in time and tell yourself in season one, day one?

O’Brien: Yeah, how to act. [laughs]

Aw, no, you do a great job in season one, what are you talking about?

tyler-posey-teen-wolf-1O’Brien: Thanks! No, I’m just joking, I’m just being an actor. It’s kinda weird cause you’re playing this character and you have a starting point but we’re rolling, we’re recording those episodes and everything, you obviously come to learn so much about your character to a point where you’re obviously, you wish that you were there when you first started, but it’s not possible, in a sense, because none of it was created there to latch onto, so then I think that plays such a part of the character growing, cause you grow with the character as an actor. Yeah, so I actually don’t wish that I knew, I feel comfortable with the way it happened because I feel like there’s a lot of things that I did differently season one or, let’s say, even season two of the show, than I’m doing now, that I think that is just attributed to the growth of the character. As I grow as a person, my mindset and my thoughts on Stiles, just everything changes with me, and hence, the way I portray it or do it or handle it will change too and luckily that’s how people are. So you can see a growth from season one to season three with the character. It’s not just an acting thing, it’s also just me growing as a person with the character. Kind of, I guess, I don’t know — what was the question? Did I answer it?

Yes, you did fine!

O’Brien: I’m so tired, man.

With Danny getting his own boyfriend for real this season —

O’Brien: Well, hey, they’re not Facebook official or anything.

tyler-posey-teen-wolfDo you think that takes some pressure off of Sterek happening?

O’Brien: Yeah, it’s kind of like we’ve filled everyone’s void that apparently the show has. [laughs] Derek and Stiles are on a little bit of a break…or no, I don’t know, we don’t have that many scenes this year, for some reason. For some reason, I wonder what Jeff was thinking. [laughs] Our characters still have that rapport, just ‘cause it’s not touched on as much. Everything’s so much bigger: Derek’s world grows, Stiles’ world grows, hence they don’t have time for each other’s worlds. So we’re just naturally — even me and Posey don’t have as many scenes as we did together, it’s kind of the case with everybody on the show.

Most of Stiles’ scenes this year are with Lydia, is that correct?

O’Brien: Yeah, I’ve been with Holland the most, not romantically. It’s like, as I was saying, it’s Stiles for himself mainly and he kind of shelves that. Obviously he still has those feelings for Lydia, that’s not going to go away overnight, or ever, and so that’s still obviously the underlying thing of the season but what becomes more the focus is them becoming a team.

Jeff mentioned that you collaborated with him on a scene. Do you think you’re going to do a whole episode with him?

O’Brien: Yeah, he let me write a scene with him, it was so cool. He also has said that to me too, which would be amazing. The thing is, we always struggle with — we have to get the scripts done, it becomes kind of a race against the clock at this point in the season, too. We need to plan better. [laughs] If I were to team up with him on a whole episode, we would have to do it for the next twelve, probably. But, I mean, hopefully we’ll do it, he’s always seemed adamant about it, which is amazing.

teen-wolf-logoSeason two had a lot more humor in it than season one. Is that going to continue in season three?

O’Brien: Huh. Humor. You thought season two was funnier than season one?

Yeah, I thought they had a lot more humorous moments.

O’Brien: Huh. Right, that’s interesting, I didn’t think about that.

Like with Stiles and Derek on the floor.

O’Brien: Yeah, totally, I know, it’s almost like we got a little carried away with it. Almost like. [laughs] No no no, it seems darker, maybe less humorous, I think. But maybe that makes the humorous moments more humorous because of the other darker — but, whoa! Stuff to think about!

Have you done your episode of New Girl yet?

O’Brien: Yeah, I did!

How was that?

O’Brien: It was so cool, it was so much fun. Zooey [Deschanel] was so much fun, so sweet, everyone on that cast was so cool, so sweet and nice to me. I just did two days on it, it was awesome, so much fun.

Cool, can’t wait to see it!

O’Brien: Cool, thanks!

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