Tyler Posey Talks TEEN WOLF Season 3, New Characters, the Development of His Character, and More at WonderCon

     April 1, 2013


With MTV’s Teen Wolf returning with new episodes June 3rd, the cast stopped by WonderCon for a first look at what’s to come in its third season.  Before the panel started, we were able to participate in a roundtable interview with Tyler Posey.  He talked about the new cast members, his relationship with his mother on the show, how his character has matured over the last few seasons and a lot more.  Hit the jump to either read or watch the interview.   And if you missed it, click here for our Teen Wolf WonderCon panel recap.

Here’s part of the interview on video (thank you Lily Lapidese).  The transcript is below.


How’s it going? How are you?

Tyler Posey: It’s good.

How are you enjoying WonderCon?

Posey: So far, I haven’t been able to enjoy it yet.  I got here, ate a sandwich, some macaroni salad, two bags of chips, and a coffee, if you guys can’t tell. I  haven’t seen the floor yet.  I’ve been to four or five Comic-Cons, I’ve been to one in Australia and London, and I’ve seen it.  It’s the same right?

Right. You still eat chips?

Posey: I eat whatever I want. I’m 21-years-old, I can still get away with it.  There are some strict regiment eatings, but I don’t follow them.  I don’t abide. Tyler Hoechlin does, the new twin alphas do, Sinqua [Walls] who plays Boyd, Daniel Sharman.

And you’re just eating pizza in front of them.

Posey: Have you seen my Instagram?  You know I don’t care about what I eat.  I love food so much, I can’t affect the way I eat.

So, season three.  What are you the most excited about?

Posey: I’m most excited to see it.  I really want to watch it.  The stuff that I’ve filmed so far: Dylan and I have had some really good stuff together.  It’s just so much fun to film. Every single day is just so awesome.  We’re always doing something really cool acting-wise.  The first few seasons, I always got to do really cool stunts, like get sprayed with a fire extinguisher or just do really weird stuff like that.  This season, we’re acting a lot more. It’s awesome! That’s something I’m really excited about and can’t wait to see for myself.  Hopefully I’m okay!  Hopefully I like it.

tyler-posey-1Who does Scott have most of his interactions with this year?

Posey: There’s so many new characters.  I interact with all of them. But it’s always Stiles and Isaac. It’s my pack: Stiles, Allison, Lydia, Isaac, Derek.  It’s all those people.  Then that pack expands, because Derek has some new pack members.  But right now, I’m trying to reason with the bad guys as much as I can, but I’m hanging onto my pack.  Same kind of thing, same kind of people I’m hanging out with, no one really too different.  Scott and Isaac’s relationship is blossoming into a beautiful little friendship.

The first two seasons, Scott was very about his relationship with Allison, very focused on that.  What’s he like in the beginning of season three?  Has he matured at all?

Posey: Big time.  He is so different.  What’s cool about Scott is that he changes every single season.  He’s so much fun to play.  The first season, he just hated his life.  He wanted to popular, and wasn’t satisfied, and was a grumpy, moody kid, teenager.  The second season, he’s a werewolf, but he had so many responsibilities that he was driving himself crazy.  In the third season, he’s in really good spot.  He’s gotten a chance to take a step back from everything and to reevaluate his life.  He’s going to school and trying to be a better son and student and friend.  He’s reading a lot of books, he’s focusing on training and working out, and being in top shape, mental shape.  He’s in a really good spot when the show picks up on him.  He’s totally matured from the second season, because of all of the stuff he went through.  How do you not mature from that?  The fact that he can take a step back and be like, “Okay, I did that.  Now everything’s chilled out and I can handle my life, and not be so stressed out all the time.”  I think that helped a lot.  ‘Cause, dude, he was going through a lot of stuff.

It’s hard. Super hard.

tyler-posey-teen-wolf-2Posey: Poor dude!  It’s even harder this season.  But at least he got four months off to breathe and hang out with Stiles.

Do we get to see more of his mom this season?

Posey: Yes.  She’s already a bigger character this season.  She’s so good, I love Melissa.  I loved working with Melissa.  She’s so much fun to work with, and she’s funny, great, and intense.  It’s awesome.  She’s so much fun to work with.  I love it.  More Melissa please.  Jeff [Davis]’s here somewhere, he’s being interviewed.

Are you excited about the super-sized season.

Posey: I have mixed feelings.  We’ve done so well with just 12 episodes.  We can definitely do that, and 24 episodes in a year is a lot to shoot.  A lot for the writers to think of and write.  Which, for me, thinks maybe the quality of the show can go down, but it’s not that way at all.  But it’s definitely not.  It’s getting better and better with every single script.  I was a little worried about it.  It’s a lot of work and we’re not even close to halfway done.  It’s a lot of work, but bring it on.  Hopefully it doesn’t doesn’t, it’ll make us stronger, am I right?

Is there anything you know now having done two season, or two and a third seasons, that you wish you could go back in time and tell you day one of filming season one?

Posey: No way.  Partly it’s because I’ve been doing this for my whole entire life.  Acting is all I know, being on a set is all I know.  By the time this show started, I was already pretty seasoned.  I knew how to operate on a set.  My work ethics haven’t changed from the time I started the show until now, but my acting definitely matured and has grown in that sense.  I think the way I did it the first time around was my best, my favorite.  I had the best time of my life season one: filming season one and the pilot, going to Atlanta.  I had a really good time in my life, and it was awesome.  I wouldn’t change anything.  At all.  It was great.

Are you glad you’re going to be able to show off your tattoos?

tyler-poseyPosey: Oh yeah!  It’s really cool, and it looks cool.  When I got it, I didn’t think it would look so cool for Scott, but it’s awesome.  I see this [the tattoo] on little action figures, toys of Scott with a tattoo, that’s when I see it the most.  I think it’s great.  It’s less time in the makeup trailer.  They have to cover this part up and these lines, but I love it.  I think it’s so cool.  I still have a bunch more we can’t show.  I’m very happy we got to keep this one.  Very, very happy.

How does Scott’s relationship with his mom changed?

Posey: The first time it was revealed, more than halfway through the second season, you didn’t know how it was going to go down.  She was freaked out at first.  Scott was heartbroken and couldn’t face her, but it ultimately made their relationship better and they’re closer.  Scott didn’t have to hide anything from her anymore, and that was the thing that kind of tore them apart the most.  He was so secretive and weird all the time, and it was freaking her out.  Now that she knows, and he doesn’t have to hide anything and she can even help them, it’s brought them closer together.  Their relationship is great this season.  It’s more than a mother and son relationship.  They’re like friends now, and allies.  It’s really fun to have scenes with her, and we have good chemistry.  It’s going to be cool to see her character grow with the information that she knows.

Has shooting the show become different now that you’re in LA?

Posey: Big time.  It’s gone by so much quicker, I can’t believe it.  I was not expecting that, I was not expecting how fast it was going to go by.  We’re on the ninth episode right now, so we’re already almost done with shooting a full, normal Teen Wolf season, because the other two were twelve episodes.  That makes no sense, because I feel like we’ve been filming for a month.  It’s really weird.  It’s awesome because I get to see my girlfriend all the time, I’m home.  I do miss Atlanta, I had a really good time there.  But it is nice being home, it’s really nice.  I get to live in a place, and be close to my family, and it makes a big difference. And it’s snowing in Atlanta right now, or something.  That Atlanta snow is cold, so I’m very happy being here.  I’m very happy.

tyler-hoechlin-teen-wolf-imageThere’s a lot of new characters.  Who’s been the most exciting to work with?

Posey: I really enjoy the twins.  They’re funny dudes and they fit right in in our cast, and they’re goofy dudes.  We hang out all the time outside of work.  We learned to ride motorcycles together.  We just have so much fun.  Acting, their funny to be with and funny to watch.  Them definitely, they’re one of my favorites.  Every one of the new cast members is so cool to be with and work.  They’re also unique and fun and just perfect.  They fit show perfectly, so it’s going to be a good season.  It’s going to be awesome, I can’t wait.  I can’t wait for you guys to see it.

Are there any other creatures you’d like to see?  Jeff didn’t really tell us what we would see.

Posey: I would want to see… I never thought about this before.  If I could just go anywhere with it, either something really cute or really weird.  Like a Furby.

Dylan OBrien teen wolfLike a killer Furby.

Posey: Like a killer Furby.  It’d be really weird.  It’s like Gremlin, that’s basically what that is.  It’s a Gremlin.  We’ve seen that before.  I have no imagination at all. Let me think.  A zombie.  I want the show to have zombies.  I’m a big fan of zombies, and I have a zombie tattoo on my leg.  I want the show to have more zombies, and I want to be a zombie.

Zombie-werewolf.  That’d be cool.  Peter was almost a zombie werewolf.

Posey: He technically is.  Check it out, oh my God!  You’re totally right, but he’s intelligent.  So that doesn’t work.  Dylan [O’Brien] and I may be zombies on The Walking Dead, and then get killed.  We have a connection.  We worked in the same place, and that would be really fun.  I just don’t want to wear makeup anymore.  I’m done with wearing makeup.  I’ve done it before, I’m done.