TEEN WOLF Comic-Con Panel Recap: Jeff Davis and the Cast Discuss the Influence of Steven Spielberg and the Upcoming Season 5

     July 25, 2014


Fans of MTV’s cult hit Teen Wolf were no doubt thrilled by showrunner Jeff Davis’ panel-opening announcement that the show has been renewed for a twenty-episode fifth season. Davis and his cast – Holland Roden, Tyler Hoechlin, Shelley Hennig, Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Posey, and Dylan Sprayberry – filled up Ballroom 20 with screaming fans, many of whom camped out overnight for the chance to get teased about upcoming episodes and to ask the actors questions (or, in many cases, to declare their love).

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  • teen-wolf-comic-con-panel-recap-shelley-hennigWhen asked about his inspiration for this season of the show, Davis referenced his own adolescence growing up in a single parent household, and said he wanted to get back to the simpler, more human conflicts and more human antagonists. He also cited Steven Spielberg as an influence.
  • There will be more struggle coming up for Liam, who isn’t quite ready to be the hero that Scott and Stiles are, and viewers will get a chance to see his character develop further, since he’s been promoted to a series regular for season five.
  • Davis said that he has enjoyed being able to write more humorous scenes for Malia and Stiles, and Hennig, when asked to comment on their relationship, hedged by saying that it was “unique.” Davis elaborated, saying, “they may have a rocky road ahead, especially as a certain secret about her parentage comes out.”
  • Hoechlin, meanwhile, has enjoyed playing Derek as his powers have diminished, drawing comparisons between the character and his own experiences when he stopped playing baseball, which he said has informed his acting choices this season.
  • Roden, who’s pleased to “finally have some romantic freedom,” teased that there is “more to come about Lydia’s history and why she’s a banshee,” adding that “she has to be the best at everything, including helping people.” Davis said, “you’re going to learn a lot more” about her powers, see her struggle to master them, and learn more about the Martin family’s past.
  • Perhaps most enticingly, Davis said that the end of the season would see “the fruition of Peter Hale’s plan and what he intends with Scott.” In the preview clip, we saw Peter in werewolf makeup – which, as Posey pointed out, was the first time actor Ian Bohen has had to wear it since coming on the show.

teen-wolf-comic-con-panel-recap-castWhen answering audience questions, the actors gave away a few more interesting tidbits:

  • Davis said that none of the characters are really based on real people, but that certain characters are based on people he’d want to be, and that, as a lonely teenager, Scott and Stiles is the friendship he wished he’d had.
  • After an enterprising audience member asked whether Peter Hale would ever stop wearing v-necks – getting a big laugh out of the audience and the panelists alike – Hoechlin said no, and that they would probably only get deeper and wider.
  • Davis said we haven’t seen the last of Danny, but didn’t elaborate further.
  • When someone brought up the possibility of Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa McCall as a romantic option, Davis said the writers had actually been talking a lot about them recently as a potential item.

Teen Wolf airs on MTV on Mondays, 10/9c.  Click here for more Comic-Con coverage.


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