‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6: First Trailer Teases Tyler Posey in the Epic Final Episodes

     July 22, 2016


Toward the end of Thursday, San Diego Comic-Con suddenly started cracking out the good stuff. Sure, the footage from Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets apparently announced the second coming of Fifth Element-level Luc Besson, which most of us have been waiting impatiently to see again, but it wasn’t until MTV and Netflix’s Marvel series took their respective stages that things got wild. The Luke Cage panel came with the first teasers of Iron Fist and The Defenders, as well as a new, exhilarating trailer for Luke Cage, but over in the MTV hall, some upsetting news was being handed down: the sixth season of MTV’s resilient Teen Wolf will be its last.


Image via MTV

I can’t attest to being a huge fan of the series, but the episodes I’ve seen have been entertainingly over-the-top, like True Blood for teenagers who aren’t allowed to use their parents’ HBO Go password. And one can’t discount a series that brought the world as unlikely yet winning leading man as Dylan O’Brien, who now leads the Maze Runner films and has been picking up some interesting roles elsewhere as well. This is also, presumably, the show that helped Tyler Hoechlin snag his role as Superman in the upcoming second season of Supergirl. On these merits alone, Teen Wolf‘s influence shouldn’t simply be brushed aside.

Though the show is ending, the cast of the show came to their panel with a treat in the form of the first trailer for the last season of Teen Wolf, as well as a teaser promo, both of which you can take a look at right below. The trailer features Tyler Posey‘s Scott, and more than a few of his friends, seemingly being hunted by a pretty gross looking hunter type with all sorts of nonsense weaponry. The tone is effectively moody, perfectly setting up what looks like the final showdown between Scott & Stiles & Co. and the forces of conformity or normalcy or what have you. At the very least, the show looks to be going out with a roar rather than a whimper.

Here’s the first trailer for Season 6 of Teen Wolf:

And here’s a promo for Season 6:


Image via MTV


Image via MTV


Image via MTV