Comic-Con: TEEN WOLF Video Interviews with Creator Jeff Davis and Stars Tyler Posey, Max Carver, Charlie Carver, Crystal Reed, Dylan O’Brien, & Tyler Hoechlin

     July 22, 2013


The day after the hugely entertaining Comic-Con panel for MTV’s Teen Wolf (here’s our recap), we had the chance to sit down for roundtable interviews with creator/executive producer Jeff Davis and stars Tyler Posey, Max Carver, Charlie Carver, Crystal Reed, Dylan O’Brien, and Tyler Hoechlin.  We discussed everything from character motivation and background, to the kitsune mythology of the second half of this season, to Posey’s very recent engagement.  Hit the jump for the videos and highlights.

Jeff Davis

We got some insight on the season from our discussion with show creator and executive producer Jeff Davis, discussing such topics as:

  • Cora’s mysterious background, and how Adelaide Kane’s role on Reign may mean that it stays mysterious for a while longer
  • The challenge of bringing in many new characters without neglecting the primary ones
  • The Kitsune mythos that will be introduced in the second half of this season, which they’ve started writing and have taken to calling the “dark half”
  • Writing for characters that have had traumatic events in their past and how that psychological exploration will come more into play in the second half
  • The possibility of a lesbian character in the future
  • The effect of Gage Golightly’s departure on Erica’s storyline
  • The upcoming Hitchcock tribute episode, “The Girl Who Knew Too Much”
  • The effort to be entirely inclusive of all sexualities, treating the sex scene with two guys the same as the sex scene between a guy and a girl
  • The matriarchal structure of the Argent family

First, we mentioned that though we’ve seen a lot of Cora Hale this season, there hasn’t been much said about how she’s survived the fire or where she’s been since, and we asked if Davis could tell us anything more about her.  For his answer to that and more, check out the video below.

Lastly, we asked what Scott’s ascension to the role of alpha means for Derek, and if Derek could ever potentially step down from being an alpha.  “That question is brought up in the last third of the season, so you’ll see,” answered Davis. “It’s a difficult conflict for both of them, but we wanted to create them as sort of allies at the end of the season, so there’s some twist and turns that will happen I think might surprise you.”

Tyler Posey

We talked to Tyler Posey (Scott), starting with some conversation about Arrested Development, lucid dreaming, and his very recent engagement before moving into Teen Wolf-related topics:

  • Scott’s potential rise to “true alpha”
  • The importance of the LGBT visibility in the show, especially for teenagers
  • How Scott and Derek’s relationship has changed this season due to Derek placing more trust in Scott than he has before

Max and Charlie Carver

Next were Max and Charlie Carver (Aiden and Ethan) to talk about the new alpha twins. Among the topics discussed:

  • What happens to Ethan and Aiden’s minds when their bodies meld into one and what that could mean for their individual identities
  • Charlie’s appreciation for how Davis has made queer relationships an inherent, natural part of the show
  • Teen Wolf’s somewhat unusual objectification of the male characters (including themselves) instead of the female characters
  • How it was decided which of them got to play which character


Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin

  • Their methods for portraying the aftereffects of trauma in their characters
  • How the kiss between Lydia and Stiles in the newest sneak peek isn’t what it seems
  • Derek’s background of a strong, close-knit family and how that has shaped his motivations
  • An upcoming scene in which Stiles (finally!) tells his father about werewolves
  • Why O’Brien chose to have Stiles react to Danny’s proposal the way he did


Crystal Reed

Lastly, we had a few minutes with Crystal Reed (Allison) in which we talked about:

  • The responsibility she feels, especially towards young girls, when playing a central female character
  • Voicing her opinion when she disagrees with something that’s been written for Allison
  • How Allison is a strong woman while also being sex-positive and feminine
  • Allison’s history with her mother and her current relationship with her father

Teen Wolf airs on Monday nights on MTV.