Watch the Director’s Test for TEN YEAR, Channing Tatum’s Ensemble High School Reunion Film

     October 19, 2010


Apparently acting just wasn’t enough for Channing Tatum: his producing career is marching onward with screenwriter Jamie Linden’s (We Are Marshall, Dear John) directorial debut getting traction. Deadline has posted a director’s test done for the film, titled Ten Year, which the pair is shopping around Hollywood for financing.  As we previously reported, the film is an ensemble drama that centers on a group of friends who reunite a decade after their high school graduation.

The director’s test stars Tatum, Kate Mara (Shooter, the upcoming 127 Hours), Brian Geraghty (The Hurt Locker), and Haylie Duff.  Anna Faris, Justin Long, and Chris Pratt (Parks and Recreation) are also circling roles in the project. For more on the film and to view the short itself, hit the jump.

Several financiers and distributors are interested in the project, but if none work out, producers Temple Hill (Dear John) may foot the bill to get the project made.  Tatum’s done some decent work in the past (the largely unseen Robert Downey Jr. flick A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints comes to mind), and the pedigree of the cast suggests that the script isn’t terrible.  Let’s just hope this project is nothing like ABC’s horrible “ten year reunion-centered” series My Generation, which lasted only two episodes this season before ABC thankfully pulled the plug.

Linden’s director’s test for Ten Year is embedded below:

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