‘Tenet’ Will Now Be Available in Los Angeles Drive-Ins

     September 10, 2020


Now, Los Angeles moviegoers can finally answer the age-old question: Is that “BWAAAMP” a movie’s sound design, or a car horn? Christopher Nolan‘s Tenet, the hit blockbuster that’s semi-sweeping the nation based on what theaters are allowing people inside due to a global pandemic, will finally be able to semi-hit one major market. Los Angeles county movie theaters are remaining closed at the moment, due to health regulations. Meaning, simply: LA folks haven’t seen, and can’t see, Tenet… until now. Per The Hollywood ReporterTenet will now be opening in several Los Angeles drive-in theaters, providing a safe way to scratch that Nolan itch.


Image via Warner Bros.

As a resident of LA who’s been missing movie theaters something fierce, I’ve been hitting up some local drive-ins, and enjoying the heck out of them. It gives me enough of a “communal big-screen viewing experience” to satisfy me, and feels beyond-safe all the way through, too. Would I rather be watching Tenet in a plush recliner seat, on an IMAX screen, with state-of-the-art sound and picture, the way Mr. Nolan may have intended? Certainly. But I’d also rather live in a world where I have no chance of contracting a deadly, globally spread disease because I wanted to see a movie. So, for me, an LA drive-in in my Honda Fit’s okay seat with not the best sound because I brought a portable radio to avoid draining my Honda Fit’s battery it is!

Tenet will screen at “five drive-ins in the greater Los Angeles area, as well as outdoor venues in Orange County, San Diego and the Bay Area” by tomorrow, Friday, September 11 (and if you live in LA, may I humbly suggest the Mission Tiki as your drive-in destination?). For more on Tenet, here’s our review.

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