Sorry, Folks: ‘Tenet’ Actor Michael Caine Has No Idea What ‘Tenet’ Is About

     March 13, 2020


Much like the way Leonardo DiCaprio‘s face looks in the above photo, I currently look this way after finding out Tenet actor Michael Caine doesn’t know what anything about plot of Tenet. Finally, after multiple collaborations with Christopher Nolan, it sounds like the director has finally managed to thrust Caine into the dark with the rest of us.

Speaking with The Hindu (and further reported on by Indiewire) recently, Caine opened up about a great many aspects of his professional career including his work on Nolan’s past films. The actor’s partnership with Nolan began with 2005’s Batman Begins and has continued into the present day, with the revered British actor popping up in roles of all shapes and sizes. In light of his history with Nolan, Caine was asked about the plot highly-anticipated feature Tenet. From what we know so far, the film stars John David Washington and Robert Pattinson as two men who may be involved in an international espionage plot revolving around bring on a catastrophic global event with some timey-wimey hijinks worked in for good measure, natch. Caine offered this very interesting reply:

“All I had was one day’s work and he gave me my pages. I did my part and shot only with John David [Washington]. I haven’t heard anything since.”


Image via Warner Bros.

Well now! How about that? Like us, Caine has zero idea what’s going on in Tenet — and somehow, it’s very comforting. It sounds like Caine will only be sharing the screen with Tenet lead Washington for a brief moment, so we’ll have to keep our eyes and ears opens. What’s also very interesting is the fact Caine’s comment seems to indicate he, like other Tenet cast members, were given a small window into a much more complex movie. It’s also worth noting Caine’s comment implies he once again took a scaled-down part in a Nolan feature, similarly to his tiny role in 2017’s Dunkirk.

Since Caine can’t tell us what’s the deal with Tenet, maybe we can ask one of his co-stars, like Washington, Pattinson, Elizabeth DebickiAaron Taylor-JohnsonKenneth BranaghClémence Poésy, or Himesh Patel. And, if all else fails, we’ll just watch the intense first trailer on a loop until the movie hits theaters.

Tenet is set to arrive in theaters on July 17. For more, check out our latest round-up on which 2020 movies were shot on film (Tenet included!) and which 2020 movies we’re looking forward to seeing (Tenet is also included in this one!).

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