Teresa Palmer Talks WARM BODIES, Having John Malkovich Play Her Dad, Terrence Malick’s KNIGHT OF CUPS, and More

     January 23, 2013


Warm Bodies, a loose adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, substitutes the Capulet’s Juliet for Julie – a gun toting survivor in a post-apocalyptic wasteland – and Romeo for an undead flesh-eating zombie. Teresa Palmer (I Am Number Four) stars as the Juliet substitute, whose ‘love’ slowly brings to life the undead ‘R’ (Nick Hoult). It’s hard to be surprised at such a development because if anyone can bring to life the undead, it would most certainly be someone as fetching as Teresa Palmer.

In the following interview with Palmer, she discusses recreating the famous ‘balcony sequence’ from the play albeit in a different context, having John Malkovich play her disapproving father and working opposite Terrence Malick in the upcoming Knight of Cups. For the full interview, hit the jump.

For more on Warm Bodies, here are three clips and thirteen minutes of behind-the-scenes-footage.  In addition, here are our video interviews with Nicholas Hoult, Dave Franco and Rob Corddry.

Teresa Palmer:

  • Did the tone attract her to the project
  • What was it like recreating part of Romeo and Juliet in a new, modern context
  • What was it like having John Malkovich as a dad and working with him
  • What’s the secret to a good American accent
  • What was it like to work for Terrence Malick on Knight of Cups
  • Is she nervous her character might end up on the cutting room floor


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