TERMINATOR Owners Delay Judgment Day For Their Company

     September 11, 2009


The producing duo behind “Terminator Salvation” aren’t in the best financial situation. In August, Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek filed for Chapter 11. Now, a U.S. Bankruptcy judge has freed up some money that will allow the duo’s company, Halcyon Co. to continue developing future “Terminator” movies during its ongoing lawsuit with its lenders. The Los Angeles judge freed up $2.1 million in tax rebates the company is owed. More on this exhausting legal nightmare after the jump.

terminator_salvation_final_one_sheet_movie_poster_.jpgTo buy the “Terminator” franchise, Halcyon took out a $30 million dollar loan from a hedge-fund company called Pacificor in 2007, according to Variety. Halcyon now claims that (despite its peaceful sounding name) Pacificor tried to push Halcyon into default so it could seize the “Terminator” franchise and sell it. The duo also accuses Kurt Benjamin, who helped them set up the deal with Pacificor, of extortion and double dealing. They claim he tried to sabotage their relationship with Pacificor. Benjamin, of course, denies these allegations. Fun, right? It’s like high school all over again.

“Terminator Salvation” wasn’t a huge moneymaker. The film had a $200 million dollar budget and raked in about $371 million in worldwide box office receipts. It was profitable, but for the most expensive “Terminator” movie, it pulled in $60+ million less than “Rise of the Machines,” and $145 million less than James Cameron’s “Terminator 2: Judgment Day,” which pulled more than $516 million at half the budget. Fox has also canceled “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” after its ratings fizzled in early 2009.

Anderson and Kubicek don’t want to sell the franchise, valued at more than $70 million, and already have plans for several more movies. I wish they’d sell. Its safe to say that “Terminator Salvation” was terrible. Our review says as much. The director, McG, admitted it in an august interview. Even Sam Worthington talked to us about some of the problems with the film. I know they’re huge fans of the franchise and all, but I don’t think they have what it takes to bring “Terminator” back as a respected franchise. Christian Bale was not the right choice for John Connor, and until they admit that and some of the other fundamental issues of the film, we don’t need them spending cash developing another sequel.

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