TERMINATOR SALVATION DVD/Blu-ray To Include Scene of Topless Moon Bloodgood?

     August 27, 2009


Shortly before “Terminator Salvation” hit theaters, fans of the franchise collectively winced at its PG-13 classification, but director McG talked about only having to change two shots to make a PG-13 rating. The two shots were Sam Worthington stabbing someone with a screwdriver, and another of Moon Bloodgood topless that ended up feeling too much “like a gratuitous moment of a girl taking her top off in an action movie.” But now the MPAA has announced that the film’s director’s cut will be R for “brief nudity” and “some violence”. Is the smutty shot back in? More after the break.

The last time we spoke with McG regarding the DVD/Blu-ray release of “Terminator Salvation”, he mentioned having 30 minutes of deleted scenes and talked about Moon Bloodgood topless and many other scenes that were cut or shortened. But what he didn’t say was if he’d be releasing a new director’s cut of the film or if they’d just be deleted scenes. But with this new MPAA rating, I think we have an answer.

The big question is if this is just going to be a “gratuitous” boob shot or if there is a whole new cut of the film? It seems we’ll have to wait for a statement from McG or Warner Home Video to find out.

However, it is worth noting that the MPAA has since removed the listing from their website, which may indicate a mistake on their part. It’s very well possible that the director’s cut will respect the wishes of the director after all. We’ll all know soon enough. Expect an update when he get more news.

Thanks to UGO for the heads up.


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