Netflix’s Plan to Revive TERRA NOVA Goes Extinct

     March 26, 2012


After Fox officially canceled Terra Nova at the end of its first and only season, fans of the prehistoric sci-fi adventure series got a brief glimmer of hope when it was announced that Netflix had an interest in picking the show up for new episodes (at an obviously reduced cost). Well, I’m here to dash your hopes in meteoric fashion as word has it that talks have fallen through between Netflix and 20th Century Fox Television. THR reports that neither side was able to come to terms on salvaging the series. Although it carried a bloated production budget and never produced the necessary number of viewers, I was intrigued by Terra Nova’s premise even more so than its visual marvels. Netflix continues to be aggressive with its series pickups, notably Eli Roth’s horror series, Hemlock Grove; new episodes of the fantastic comedy series, Arrested Development; and David Fincher’s House of Cards, a drama starring Kevin Spacey.