Terrence Malick and Brad Pitt Set Sail on the IMAX Documentary “Voyage of Time”

     August 6, 2009


Director Terrence Malick doesn’t do anything small.  He makes epic films, tells epic stories, and while it’s just conjecture on my part, probably refuses to have sex with anyone under the height of seven feet.

With that in mind, he has culled an IMAX Documentary out of his upcoming film “Tree of Life”, a life-spanning story (of the narrative, although I wouldn’t put it past Malick to make a film that actually lasted a lifetime) starring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn as father and son trying to forgive each other.  A documentary coming out of a movie isn’t anything new but it’s usually something that ends up as a special feature on the DVD.  For Terrence Malick, it ends up as an IMAX Documentary.

Hit the jump to learn about the project and how many years you’ll have to set aside if you choose to see it.

According to The Playlist, “Voyage of Time” grew out of a previous Malick project called “Q” and Malick conceived the idea as early as 1995.  I’m serious, Terrence Malick may be eternal.  There’s someone out there trying to chop off his head so they can become Highlander.

Pitt will narrate the documentary but that’s not the best part.  This is the best part: not only does the documentary feature dinosaurs, but it reportedly covers “the birth and death of the universe”.  That makes a lot of sense because I’m sure Malick was there for the birth and will be there at the death.  This documentary is from experience.

Head on over to The Playlist to also learn a bit more about “Tree of Life” which is still aiming for a 2009 release, which is much better than it’s previous release date of 2099.

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