Berenice Marlohe Joins Terrence Malick’s Untitled Music Project; Elijah Wood and Sasha Grey to Lead Nacho Vigalondo’s OPEN WINDOWS

     November 2, 2012


We’ve got a couple casting stories coming your way.  First up, new Bond girl Berenice Marlohe (who’s quite good in Skyfall) has joined Terrence Malick‘s untitled Austin-based music project, which isn’t to be confused with his other film, Knight of Cups, even though both films share actors such as Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, and Natalie PortmanTHR has no details on Marlohe’s character, which isn’t surprising since there are almost no details on the movie other than it’s a story of “sexual obsession and betrayal” involving two intersecting love triangles.  Marlohe will shoot the film concurrently while doing press for Skyfall.

Hit the jump for casting on Timecrimes director Nacho Vigalondo‘s intriguing next picture, Open Windows.

According to Screen Daily, Elijah Wood and Sasha Grey are set to star in Nacho Vigalondo’s real-time high-tech thriller Open Windows.  Per Screen Daily, “the plot revolves around a desperate search by Wood’s character for an actress (Grey) who has been abducted by vicious villain Chord, played by British actor Neil Maskell.”  Is it just me, or does “Chord” sound like the name of a villain in a Japanese RPG?

In addition to taking place in real-time, the film has plenty of other tricks up its sleeve.  According to Vincent Maraval, sales chief of production company Wild Bunch, the movie will echo 70s paranoid thrillers even though the action will be followed on the screen of a laptop.  Vigalondo believes that if the movie screen becomes a computer screen “the spectator becomes the protagonist of this adventure,” and therefore this goes “beyond” found footage movies like Paranormal Activity and Chronicle.  The picture will employ “12 different types of camera, including webcams, head cameras, tablets, mobile phones, 3D mapping cameras as well as security and satellite cameras to shoot the multi-format picture.”  This sounds like a smart way to circumvent the “who edited this together?” problem that most found footage flick have.

I’m curious about the size of the frame in Open Windows (is it a screen with a screen?), and if the entire movie is on the laptop or if we ever see the user.  Also, I’m curious to see what kind of OS we’re getting.  If it’s on a Mac, I hope the movie ends with the Color Pinwheel of Death.


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