Terry Crews Explains Why Netflix’s ‘The Willoughbys’ Is Perfect Pandemic Viewing

     April 25, 2020

Netflix has you covered in the “fun for the whole family” department again because their latest animated feature, The Willoughbys, is one bold and wacky heartfelt adventure! The movie puts the focus on four kids – Tim, Jane, Barnaby A and Barnaby B. They’re delightful but unfortunately, they wound up with inattentive parents who are too wrapped up in their own romance to care for them. In attempt to get rid of them and make themselves orphans, the kids send their parents on a dangerous excursion where they’re sure to perish. What they don’t expect though, is that Mother and Father actually hired a nanny (voiced by Maya Rudolph) to look after them.

In addition to the incredible animation and winning mix of kooky humor and charm, another outstanding component of The Willoughbys is the voice ensemble and that includes Jane Krakowski and Terry Crews. Krakowski in particular had her work cut out for her with this one. Her character, Mother, is nasty to say the least, but often her deplorable behavior is meant to be a source of satirical humor. Not an easy balance to pull off. Crew also finds great success with his role, but in a completely different sense. It feels like Commander Melanoff the candyman was made for Crews and Crews alone. He’s one big, lovable marshmallow puff of candy and warmth that you will no doubt want to see more of.


Image via Netflix

With The Willoughbys celebrating its big debut on Netflix this week, I got the chance to hop on a Zoom call with Crews and Krakowski to talk about their experience reuniting  with director Kris Pearn, what it was like for Krakowski trying to nail the right tone for her role, why Crews thinks this is the perfect film for the country based on what we’re going through right now, and more! You can hear about it all in the video interview at the top of this article.

The Willoughbys is now streaming on Netflix!

Terry Crews and Jane Krakowski:

  • Crews and Krakowski on what it is about Kris Pearn that made them want to work with him again.
  • Krakowski on the tone of the film, particularly when it comes to playing a mean character in a satirical film.
  • Crews on what it was like seeing the final version of his character.
  • Crews actually wanted to be an animator.
  • Why The Willoughbys is perfect for the tone of the country and what we’re going through right now.

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