Terry Gilliam Promises Nudity, Black Holes and the Meaning of Life in THE ZERO THEOREM

     August 20, 2012


When we reported that Terry Gilliam’s new picture, The Zero Theorem, would star Christoph Waltz (Inglourious Basterds), we also got this heavy-sounding logline: Waltz will star as Qohen Leth, a computer hacker who searches for the meaning of life while being distracted by Management, a shadowy figure from an Orwellian corporation.  Gilliam himself said that the one-liner came across a bit dark and promises a lighter take that’s actually very funny.  He also commented on the presence of nudity in the film, people flying through space and getting sucked into black holes and the fact that the film has only four major roles.  Hit the jump for much more from Gilliam on The Zero Theorem.

terry-gilliam-zero-theoremIn a recent interview with Dreams (via The Playlist), Gilliam talked extensively about The Zero Theorem.  Be sure to head over to either of the sites for the full interview, but here are some choice quotes.  Gilliam compared his upcoming film to 12 Monkeys and further commented on the discrepancy between the logline and the reality of the picture:

“It’s very funny. That synopsis sounds much darker and broodier than it is. The main character is literally living in this burnt-out chapel which one could take as a metaphor for old beliefs and old systems. He’s a computer genius but he’s just sitting there waiting for a phone call, which he’s hoping will give meaning to his life….It really is about relationships, and discovering what’s really important in life.”

He went on to mention that the script calls for nudity, but how much of that will make it into the final film remains to be seen:

“There is a bit of nudity in the script, whether it will be that nude in the film I don’t know. When you’ve got people flying around through space, sucked into black holes naked… that can be very difficult to do.”

Finally, Gilliam addresses the central challenge to making this film and how important character is going to be:

“Two-thirds of it — if not more — take place in a ruined chapel. The interesting thing about it is because it takes place in this one place, this chapel — that’s going to be the challenge, because I have never shot like that before, in that limited space. So to keep it interesting is what I’m going to have to master. The acting is crucial to it — there is no car chase nor a shootout — none of those things you can fall back upon to keep the film going. It’s about the acting and that is why Christoph is so incredible.”

He also commented that there were only four main characters in the film.  We’ll keep an eye out for who else will be joining Waltz in The Zero Theorem.  The picture stars filming this October.


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