Terry Gilliam’s Amazon Deal Includes DON QUIXOTE, Possibly DEFECTIVE DETECTIVE Mini-Series

     June 10, 2015


Alright, everybody. For the next few days, at least, avoid black cats as best you can, step around any ladders you might come upon, and if you spill salt, be sure to throw some over your shoulder. The Playlist reports that the recently announced Amazon Studios deal to bring Terry Gilliam on to produce, write, and direct original content for them includes that most infamous of troubled productions: Gilliam’s The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. You may also know this as that movie that produced an acclaimed documentary, Lost in La Mancha, focused solely on how hopeless the production was when Gilliam last tried to create his would-be masterwork, which, at the time, had wrangled none other than Johnny Depp. The current incarnation will feature John Hurt as Quixote with Jack O’Connell, of Unbroken, Starred Up, and this year’s excellent ’71, as the secondary lead. According to Gilliam, the way the Amazon deal works is that the film would have a limited theatrical run, followed fleetly by being available to stream via Amazon.


Image via Warner Bros.

Gilliam, who was talking with The Playlist about the anticipated release of Criterion’s Blu-ray release of arguably his last masterpiece, The Fisher King, also hinted that the deal with Amazon will include  the production of Defective Detective, an original script Gilliam collaborated on with The Fisher King scribe Richard LaGravenese. What’s more, the original script may be expanded into a mini-series format. Of course, Gilliam didn’t outright say that this would be the project but hints heavily that it’s on the to-do list. Now, if someone could just let him do his Watchmen film/mini-series so we can all wash the Zack Snyder taste out of our mouths. Anybody? Oh well, a man can dream.


Image via Stage 6