All 7 ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Movies Ranked from Worst to Best

     October 11, 2017


Note: Collider’s Halloween horror month continues this week with a look at horror’s most iconic, enduring franchises. We kicked things off the Halloween movies ranked and Nightmare on Elm Street movies ranked, and today we’re looking back on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. Stay tuned throughout the week for more on horror’s biggest hits and get ready for a monster mash next week!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre films have gone through quite the transformation over the years. It all began with a pure and downright terrifying display of sadism that’ll make you think twice before picking up a hitchhiker or visiting a tiny Texas town. Many tried to recreate what Tobe Hooper achieved in the 1974 original, but added backstory, gore and dark humor kept most from tapping into the sheer terror of the situation. Check out how all seven Texas Chainsaw movies stack up in the list below.

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