Thankfully, This Is Probably Not Ryan Reynolds’ Costume for GREEN LANTERN

     April 9, 2010


Comic artist Jason Palmer revealed on his DeviantArt blog [via] last week he did some designs for “two movies each based on DC comic characters (one has a scar, one has a ring)”, which likely means Green Lantern and Jonah HexHex is scheduled to hit theaters this summer and we’ve already seen images from the film, so the news is for Green Lantern.

On his site, he posted some artwork he did not submit for Green Lantern’s costume, but “some extra art I did as a cover to the submission pdf.”  He also explains that he, “didn’t use costume designs or Reynolds ref that was provided by WB,” and that’s why he’s allowed to post it.

Hit the jump to see the image along with why I’m glad it probably won’t be the costume used in the film.


As you can see from the image, this is basically the costume from the comics with Ryan Reynolds head pasted on top.  It’s not very imaginative and since the Lantern’s outfit isn’t iconic like Superman’s or Wonder Woman’s, isn’t iconic and is more open to creative alteration.  Since the Green Lantern Corps are a kind of intergalactic police force, I think it would be cool to see a design that looks more like a uniform rather than a costume.  That means cut out the forearm-length gloves and the spandex.

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