Thanksgiving Top 5: Memorable Movie Food Scenes

     November 24, 2011

Let’s be honest, Thanksgiving is 99% about the food; the rest is just icing on the cake, so to speak. Sure the family gathers around and distant cousins whose name you barely remember drive from hundreds of miles away to join in the festivities. But what really brings us all together? The food. In honor of America’s most gluttonous of holidays, we’re bringing you our Top 5 favorite movie moments involving food. We tried to cover every course, except for salad (you don’t win friends with salad). So feast your eyes upon the Collider Thanksgiving Top 5 Memorable Movie Food Scenes after the jump. If you missed any of our “Thanksgiving Top 5” articles, click here.

*The following article and clips contain spoilers.*

Soylent Green is what now?


In one of the most iconic (and surprising) scenes in movie history, Charlton Heston discovers the main ingredient in the title food, Soylent Green. While he’s marked for murder in a future dystopian society, Heston keeps on digging to get to the bottom of a suspicious government program at the heart of the new food supply. While you’ve probably heard the famous line uttered before, you owe it to yourself to check out the 1973 classic in its entirety. What’s in Soylent Green, you ask?

Spaceballs “Special”


While the original Alien chestburster was caused by a nasty little face-hugger, sometimes ordering the special at a space diner can get you more than you paid for.  John Hurt reprised his role as parasitic host in Spaceballs, the classic Mel Brooks spoof film. Check out the famous scene below (sorry for the low quality):

And that wasn’t the only food-related appearance in Spaceballs. Check out a vocal cameo by Dom DeLuise here:

When Harry Met Sally “I’ll Have What She’s Having”


While I recommend thanking your host for a good meal, it might be over the line to react to the apple pie like Meg Ryan’s character in When Harry Met Sally. The two title characters met at a diner and discussed the possibility of a man and a woman being friends without involving sex. Eventually, this leads Sally to fake an orgasm in public. While Billy Crystal’s character was appalled, the rest of the diner patrons didn’t seem to mind. An old woman at the table next to theirs utters a now famous line, which you can see below:

Animal House “Food fiiiiiiight!”


You knew it was coming. I highly suggest re-enacting the classic “food fight” scene from Animal House as often as you possibly can. High school reunions, business lunches or, coincidentally, Thanksgiving dinners. The hostess might not love you for it, but the guests will definitely remember it. Hell, they might even join in!

The Great Race Pie Fight


You might think the infamous food fight scene from perennial fraternity classic Animal House would be the top of our Top 5, but there was a movie scene that predated it by more than ten years. In the 1965 classic The Great Race, starring Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis and Natalie Wood, Lemmon and Curtis square off in an automobile race from New York to Paris. Along the way, a sword fight breaks out and escalates into the “greatest pie fight ever filmed.” About 4,000 pies were thrown in this shot that took over five days to film. Watch as Curtis, the hero in white, stays (almost) spotless:

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