THE 100 Comic-Con Panel Recap: Season 3, Lexa’s Return, and More

     July 12, 2015


Heavy moral questions combined with jovial cast antics in the panel for The CW’s The 100, featuring creator Jason Rothenberg and stars Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos, Isaiah Washington, Lindsey Morgan, and Ricky Whittle. The show’s third season debuts midseason and begins shooting soon, but Rothenberg was unsurprisingly tight-lipped about what’s ahead for the Arkers after the destruction of Mount Weather. However, he did reveal some tidbits — including that Alycia Debnam-Carey, who plays Grounder commander Lexa, will be returning to the show.

Since Debnam-Carey was cast on Fear the Walking Dead, there’s been concern as to whether we’d get to see more of her character following Lexa’s betrayal of Clarke in the battle against Mount Weather. But Rothenberg reports that “AMC was awesome in terms of the negotiation” so Lexa will be returning, and “there will be fireworks because Clarke is pissed.”

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    Image via the CW

    Rothenberg sees Lexa as a great avenue into Grounder society, which is one of the things that’s going to be explored in Season 3. The show is going to look at Grounder “clans and mysticism and how commanders are created.”

  • We’re also going to see more of the mutated Grounders — “characters we have seen before that have mutations,” Rothenberg said. (Perhaps the desert nomad played by Luisa D’Oliveira who flirted with, then robbed, Murphy, played by Richard Harmon?) Rothenberg promised that the show will “try to understand the psychology of those characters and how they’re treated by Grounder culture” this season.
  • Rothenberg revealed that “we are going to have our first time jump between seasons, picking things up a few months later.” He also promised that season three is going to be “as different as season two was from season one,” with the AI story teased at the end of last season bringing the show back to its more hard sci-fi roots.
  • Taylor said that after being responsible for the massacre of the Mount Weather people last season, “Clarke is not dealing well.” In her absence, Morley says, Bellamy has “been forced into that position of looking after the 44 [all that remains of the titular 100] on his own.” (“Sorry,” Taylor said.)
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    Image via The 100

    As for the possibility of Clarke and Bellamy’s relationship ever turning romantic, Morley said he didn’t see them that way, at which point Rothenberg couldn’t help interjecting his favorite phrase: “Well, you never know…” “They’re a good team,” said Taylor. Added Morley, “Clarke gave Bellamy the confidence to make decisions. I don’t think he trusts himself without her.”

  • We last saw power couple Lincoln and Octavia marching victoriously back into Camp Jaha, but after choosing Octavia over his own people, Lincoln is now in the uncomfortable position of having to live with his former enemies. “Lincoln’s always been one for peace,” Whittle said, but “he’s living amongst the Arkers now [and] Arkers have only known Grounders as those who have killed their family and friends, so how will they feel about one of those people living among them?”
  • Rothenberg said that the Arkers and the Grounders will be at peace when the season starts: “The war is not on, the tension has been released slightly…but that won’t last.”
  • When praised for the show’s representation of diversity and asked if he set out to promote that, Rothenberg said, “For us it’s not about gender or race or sexual orientation, it’s about whether or not you can survive.” In an extreme survival situation, “bisexuality is not a big deal.” “Well, it is 100 years in the future,” Washington said, “let’s hope we have that sorted out.”
  • The cast discussed the dark tone and complex morality of the show, which “doesn’t lend itself to musical numbers,” as Rothenberg put it. The complicated issues the show raises are something they all like to chew over, however. “Jason has created a future where you have to create society: what would you do?” Morgan said. “I like to think, ‘What would I do as Lindsey?’” Admitted Rothenberg, “We try to paint them into situations where there is no good choice.”
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    Things got deep. Taylor said that she thinks that the characters are “deep down good people,” but Morley disagreed: “I don’t think they’ll ever be normal good people in the classic sense again.” Whittle settled things: “There’s no good or bad, just perspective.”

  • Yet while all these heavy questions were being addressed, the cast was clearly an incredibly lighthearted group. Morley dressed for the occasion in a Point Break t-shirt and a baseball hat that said “Blake.” (Period included.) Whittle wore a hat that said “Linctavia”—the Lincoln/Octavia relationship’s portmanteau.
  • When a fan started crying while asking her question, Whittle jumped off the stage to give her a hug.
  • Washington also ran off stage at one point—to go to the bathroom, he admitted when, upon his return, Avgeropoulos offered him water: “That was the problem!”
  • Finally, the cast revealed who they would most like to cosplay at Comic Con:

Morgan: Chun-Li

Whittle: “I’d go as myself because nobody believes it’s you.”

Avgeropoulos: “I’d like to be Catwoman because I like to wear leather.”

Morley: Pikachu

Taylor: Sailor Moon

Rothenberg: Jon Snow

Washington: “A smurf. Papa Smurf.”