‘The 100’: Nadia Hilker on Luna’s Loss, Lack of Trust, & the Philosophy of Killing to Survive

     February 16, 2017


The 100’s last Nightblood came to the brink of death on last night’s “The Four Horsemen,” but miraculously Luna (Nadia Hilker) survived. Did her black blood protect her from the radiation similar to how Becca Pramheda (Erica Cerra) was able to survive on the ground after the first Praimfaya?

Luna may be alive, but her journey will not get any easier. Collider spoke to Hilker on The 100’s Vancouver set last fall to find out what Luna will be up to this season, including who she’s interacting with, her thoughts on humanity, who she does or doesn’t trust, and her move to fight back.

What’s Luna up to in Season 4?

HILKER: She finally arrives in Season 3. She does not want to be the next Commander. I, Luna, believe in peace, and I decided to not kill no more, or do harm to anyone out there, because I went through bad, bad things. They approached me, the leads of the show, and I said no. I may not be the next Commander, but I’m still sitting here as we’re shooting the end of Season 4, so something happens, obviously. But what happens, I’m not going to tell you. But what happens is fun and extreme and great.


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Who Luna is interacting with the most this season:

I get to hang out a lot with Clarke and Abby. Murphy, which is great. I don’t just love the characters, I love them as human beings. I’ve made great friendships on this show.

If she has found out any surprising things about the character:

Well, they definitely show me more and more that humanity really sucks. And that we don’t really—and that’s the same for Nadia, looking back at history, we didn’t really evolve when it comes to killing and war unfortunately. You’d think after so many wars and in school where you learn so much about wars and what we did as the species, humans, unfortunately, we’re still doing the same thing.

And it’s the same with The 100, which I think is a beautiful message. I love that so much about the show. It’s out there, and it’s happening right now. It’s been happening forever, unfortunately, and we didn’t really learn or progress or change anything about it, because we’re basically all earthlings and should stop killing each other for religion or the color of our skins or all that.

Are Clarke and Luna able to see eye-to-eye?

I think Luna never gets on the same page with anybody else on this show. She’s pretty much disappointed and disgusted by human race. Yeah. Unfortunately not, no.

Does Luna feel betrayed by Jasper?

The thing with Luna is she never really let anyone get too close to her. None of those people get too close to her, so she couldn’t get disappointed by anyone, because none of them actually mean anything to her. She had a hope in those people that they might be on the same page or get in the same page as her. She’s been trying hard, but, unfortunately, no.

Is there anyone who means something to her? She’s lost a lot of people close to her.

She’s basically losing everyone she really cares about. Right now, there’s no one left. And throughout the season, she keeps losing the very few people she cares about. There’s a moment where she does care a little bit about Murphy, but not enough to be like, “Okay, you’re my friend, I’m your friend and we’re going to be there for each other.”


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She’s a savior. She wants to save people and help people add wake them up. And be a savior. She tried to do that with Murphy, and he definitely heard her for a second and it was a beautiful moment for them both characters. But, again, not enough for me to be like, yeah, Luna and Murphy are on a team. Or Clarke and Murphy are a team. But also, still, everyone struggles.

Whatever happens to Luna in the next season, it’s not easy for Abby, especially, she still wants to do good. But, that’s the question about the show: How far do we go in order to survive? And what are we willing to do in order to survive?

That’s a good question for all of us out there. And it’s also what I love about the show. It just puts you in those situations where you’re actually asking yourself: How would I do in moments like that? Would I kill in order to survive? Or, would I die rather than killing someone else? Luna is definitely not someone who wants to kill in order to survive.

Does her view on that shift in Season 4?

Unfortunately, yes. She is very strong, but she gets to a point where she can’t keep it up anymore and shit goes down. Yeah.

Is there anyone she trusts early in the season?

As it begins, no. But I’m watching people, I’m observing people. I see how they react and what they do. That’s where Murphy comes in again. His words actually match his actions now and then. I respect that. And, that’s why he was worth that to try and try to get to him and make him listen and just feel for him. But besides him, no. I still didn’t trust him. There’s no one in the show, except the people that unfortunately I’m losing, where I’m like, “I would kill or die for you and you would do the same for me in return.” She’s pretty lonely. Poor girl. She’s out there, by herself.

On Luna’s action scenes:

I’m kicking ass. I’m kicking ass. She’s kicking ass. Thank God. That’s also something I told Jason. We were talking all the time about how Luna is so much stronger than even Lexa. We have to show that too because people love Lexa, for a very, very good reason. But we need to prove that she can be a badass as well. It’s going to be bloody. Very bloody.

What episode you’re particularly excited for?

The one we’re shooting right now is pretty intense, badass, mind-blowing episode. I’m very excited for people to see that one. [Episode] 9. Get ready, people!

The 100 airs Wednesday nights on The CW

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