10 Things We Learned from the Cast of THE 100 at Comic-Con

     July 10, 2015


Fridays are always the best and they’re even better when you get to chat with talented and beautiful people, like the lovely cast of The 100. Executive producer Jason Rothenberg and stars: Bob Morley, Eliza Taylor, Isaiah Washington, Marie Avgeropoulos, and Lindsey Morgan took time to sit with us and share some insights about Season 3, as well as reflect back on everything that happened in Season 2.


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The filming for the new season of the CW’s popular, post-apocalyptic drama will begin next Wednesday. And while the cast was careful not to share too much and spoil the fun, we did learn a bit about Clarke’s situation at the start of the season, and also got some scoop on some of the many relationships that were left hanging at the end of Season 2.

We’ve put together a list of ten things we found out during our conversation. And we’re sure it will up the excitement for fans of The 100 who are anxiously awaiting the series’s return this fall.

  • Rothenberg called Season 3, “epic” and “very different than Season 2.” He revealed that the theme of the season is, “What does it mean to be human?” And the A.I. story will play out at its most basic level.
  • Season 3 will consists of two main stories, one will be the continuation of the Grounders and Sky People story and the other will deal with the newly discovered artificial intelligence. We’ll meet people that have been mentioned before but never seen. The storyline will help viewers understand the Grounders’ politics. We’ll also learn how they came together and ended up under Lexa’s command. Rothenberg only referred to the A.I. storyline as something “crazier” than we’ve seen in the past two seasons.
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    Morley described the third season as “a bit more sci-fi,” and believes his character’s new responsibility over the group will have a positive effect on him. “I hope it makes him a better person. I hope that he’s learned from his mistakes,” he expressed.

  • As for his relationship with Clarke, Morley maintains his belief that even though he knows both characters share the same responsibility over what happened in Mount Weather, Bellamy will resent her for leaving him on his own. “He gets why she has to go but I don’t think that softens the pain of the whole thing,” Morley said, adding that Bellamy truly believed the two were going to work through things together.

  • Morley is unsure how Bellamy will react when seeing Clarke again but he also said he won’t be surprised if he just brushes it off as a consequence of war instead of taking it personal. Taylor thinks that his reaction will be a bit different, “I think Bellamy’s going to be pissed. It’s so un-Clarke-like for her to leave her people like that.” But she’s holding on to hope that he will eventually be the one to seek her out.
  • The cast revealed they’ve already seen the script for the first episode of Season 3 but were unwilling to give too much away. Isaiah Washington’s only tease was that, “Allegiances will be changed, and unlikely and unpredictable alliances will be made between certain characters.” He is however, excited about Jaha being in possession of the missile and having access to artificial intelligence.
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    Taylor stated that when the series returns, we will find Clarke living in the forest. “She is by herself and has been there for quite some time. I think she’s going to lose her mind a bit,” she stated, revealing that there will be a time jump from the Season 2 finale. Rothenberg added that Clarke will be broken and inhuman when the season picks up, and one of the things it will answer is if Clarke will be able to become a human being again.

  • Marie Avgeropoulos has had a lot of fun playing her character and learning how to fight with a sword. She mentioned that Octavia and Clarke will come together in Season 3 but will continue to be at odds and have unresolved issues. As for her romantic relationship with Lincoln, the actress said the two will be taking different directions. Octavia has found a new position as leader and he will kind of veer from the path, “She’s going to have to remind him and give his head a shake about where he came from too.” Expect them to continue making romantic sacrifices for each other.
  • The rift between Clarke and Raven will carry on in Season 3. Morgan said she enjoys the relationship between those two characters because they share something they don’t share with anyone else. The connection between them is very unique. “There’s times when she hates Clarke and wants to punch her in the face. Then there’s times when Clarke is the only person she can talk to and literally the only person she’d feel comfortable crying with,” she said.
  • The relationship between Wick and Raven will continue to face difficulties. Morgan said everything that’s happened with her people and the death of Finn has changed Raven, and that will ultimately put Wick in a tough position. “It’s hard for her to be vulnerable and open, and present with Wick,” she stated. Morgan believes the love she had for Finn is still very much present.

Image via the CW