‘The 100’: That Heartbreaking Twist, and What Might Happen Next

     March 4, 2016


Spoiler Warning: Seriously, if you haven’t watched the latest episode, “Thirteen,” do that immediately! 

The 100 may be a television show and not real life with actual people, but the writers and actors have created a dense world with relatable characters despite the extreme conditions and constant unfathomable, life and death situations. That’s what makes it compelling, though more often than not, heartbreaking to watch.

Lexa’s (Alycia Debnam-Carey) death makes all those that preceded feel insignificant in comparison. This one is gonna hurt for a long, long time.

All the signs were there that Lexa’s life would be short, but I chose to believe that she would be the exception and that there was no way that she would die. Lexa and Clarke (Eliza Taylor) were meant to struggle through their differences, their loyalty to both their people, and somehow make it work and share their hearts with each other. Only that was never meant to be their path.


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In this world, Commanders don’t live long, happy lives.

Lexa has been ready for her death since we met her, though she certainly didn’t expect it to come from the hand of her fiercest ally, Titus, the Flamekeeper. As crushing as Lexa’s death is as a viewer, it was the right time from a storytelling perspective. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want her to die and would have preferred she lived forever, but that wasn’t in the cards for her and I accept that as harrowing as it is. The 100 exists in a brutal world where that doesn’t exist. Happiness and joy is restricted to the City of Light.

Lexa’s death serves as the pivotal moment where the AI, Arker and Grounder history is revealed to converge. They didn’t know it but these two warring people are fundamentally connected to one another in an unexpected, yet critical way. The Grounders faith and reverence is to an Arker.

Jaha (Isaiah Washington) is propagating ALIE-1 to the Arkers as a means to spiritual and physical joy, while the Commander is the spiritual leader of the Grounders with a connection, through ALIE-2,  to those who came before. While the former understands that a piece of tech creates this facade, the latter view it as sacred and divine due to being ignorant about the existence of such technology.


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Lexa will shine as brightly in death as she did in life. Her presence will continue to be felt through Clarke’s love for her, Titus’ commitment to her and the Commanders, and through the Commanders’ flame. With ALIE-1 in search of ALIE-2, their potential merger could allow Lexa and the other former Commanders to leave the flame and become corporeal in the City of Light. There is no death there, with a person’s essence living forever.

Outside of the AI story, Lexa’s death will have consequences which span the 13 Clans. She changed the rules with “Blood must NOT have blood” and it remains to be seen whether her declaration will be honored after her death. An army is heading to Arkadia with orders to maintain a blockade, but if word of the Commander’s death reaches them, will they act on their own to seek vengeance for their people instead of the justice Lexa ordered?

The peace between the Grounders and the Skaikru is tenuous. The only hope of its continuation is if Kane, Octavia and their supporters can oust Pike and his people from power. With Indra’s help, she may be able to hold off her people long enough for the truce to hold.


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Meanwhile back at Polis, Murphy (Richard Harmon) can fill Clarke in on the connection between the 13th Station, Polaris, and the Grounders’ spiritual beliefs. Perhaps, she’ll find a way to use this to draw a link between the 13 Clans and bring acceptance of the Skaikru’s inclusion in the coalition. Or, if the truth comes out, could the reverence the Grounders have for Becca be extended to the Skaikru, as she was one of them. Far-fetched? Probably.

The concave will select a new Commander and then everything could change as well, unless Lexa’s essence reigns strong in the new leader. Will it be her protege, Aden? Or will it be someone else? Could the 8th return to take Lexa’s place? Or will Ontari stake her claim as Commander?

Lexa’s death shakes up the political situation and the threat of ALIE-1 makes the situation even more dire. It’s a new world. It’s more dangerous and frightening than ever.

Before the fallout begins, let’s take a moment to mourn the loss of one of TV’s greatest characters. Lexa was a fierce and masterful leader. She was able to bring peace to the 12 Clans by forging an unlikely alliance and when they faced a new, threat from the sky, she ultimately chose peace over war. Love over hate. Not blood over blood. She will be missed, but may her spirit live on.

May we meet again.

The 100 airs Thursday nights on the CW. Let us know where you are in your stages of grief below: Denial? Anger? Bargaining? Depression? Acceptance?


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Image via the CW