‘The 100’ Timeline Explained: From the Apocalypse to… the Other Apocalypse

     June 11, 2020


The 100 began its story by sending 100 teens from space down to the Earth on what was presumed to be a death mission. Was the Earth survivable or not? With the belief that the survival of the human race was on the line, the risk was determined to be worth it. These teens were Delinquents after all and destined to die anyway. Instead it was revealed over the 6-plus seasons that they weren’t the last humans at all. The history is deep and technology in various forms plays a definitive role in their survival. In Season 7, the concept of wormholes, black holes, and time dilation come into play. Here’s a general timeline of the series including, the Eligius mission, the happenings on and off Earth,  Sanctum, and the newly introduced Skyring.