The 4-Day + Preview Night Passes for the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con Are Already Sold Out

     October 7, 2009


Only 287 more days until the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con!  Well, 288 if you don’t count Preview Night, but who does that?  Apparently, no one because with over three quarters of a year until the next Con, the 4-Day + Preview Night passes are gone.  Obviously this is partially due to demand but they’re also limiting the number of Preview Night attendees since this past year’s Preview Night was deemed a clusterfuck (although I personally didn’t think it was any more difficult to get around the exhibitors floor than it was on any other day of the Con).  4-Day Passes without Preview Night are still available and if you were on the fence about buying 4-Day passes, you may want to buy those now.  I can’t imagine them lasting long especially since the news of passes for the 2010 Con selling out only 73 days after the 2009 Con ended is sure to create a bit of a panic.  Click here to go buy yours now.

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