Ben Affleck Offers Update on ‘The Accountant’ Sequel; Could Be a TV Series

     February 27, 2020

the-accountant-ben-affleck-sliceDirector Gavin O’Connor‘s The Accountant was one of the most surprisingly thrilling films in years, a taut, intelligent thriller that starred Ben Affleck as an autistic accountant moonlighting as a hitman. A sequel has been in the works pretty much since the first film hit theaters, but due to numerous professional and personal upheavals in Affleck’s life, that feels like another lifetime ago. At the time, the actor was juggling Justice League and The Batman, which he planned to both direct and star in. Three years later, Matt Reeves is directing Robert Pattinson in The Batman and Affleck has a new lease on life, staring down a slate of projects ahead of him that includes a reunion with O’Connor on the sports drama The Way Back.

Still conspicuously absent from that slate, though? An Accountant sequel. So when we sat down with Affleck and O’Connor to discuss The Way Back, we also got an update on The Accountant 2, which could have new life on the small screen. Here’s what Affleck said:


Image via Warner Bros.

“We’ve talked about it. There seems to be a debate whether or not to do a TV series version of it. The scriptwriter [Bill Dubuque] has become quite successful and busy, so he’s off doing his thing. And somebody said to me, ‘Well if we could find a script that we could retrofit and make into a sequel… But that’s sort of tricky because the personality of the character is so specific, that doesn’t really work to just say, ‘Well, we used call this script Action Movie Shootout, and now we’re going to call it The Accountant 2′.”

Affleck did note, though, that if the opportunity arose to play Christian Wolff again, he’d happily dive back in.

“But it is one of the few movies that I’ve worked on, that I’d be thrilled to work with Gavin again and do that again,” he said. “I had a great time. It was a lot of fun. It was an interesting twist on the genre and I’d love to do it.”

Affleck laughed. “And if they want to produce a TV show version of it and I get some royalties, well that’s great too.”

Be on the lookout for more from our interview with Ben Affleck and Gavin O’Connor over the next week. For more on The Way Back, here is the latest trailer.

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