‘The Amazing Johnathan Documentary’ Trailer Tries to Find the Truth Behind the Comic Magician

     June 12, 2019


Hulu has released the trailer for The Amazing Johnathan Documentary. The film starts out with filmmaker Ben Berman doing what appears to be a standard documentary about the rise, fall, and possible comeback of stage magician and comedian The Amazing Johnathan. However, as Berman continues to document Johnathan, he discovers that the truth he based his documentary on could be a total fabrication in more ways than one.

The best way to go into The Amazing Johnathan Documentary is completely cold. This trailer doesn’t give away the biggest twists, but the pacing and reveals of the documentary are so good that I’d hate for folks to be deprived of the surprises. I noted in my review from Sundance that this is a challenging film to sell without spoiling the best moments:

I will simply say that those twists are what force Berman to step out from behind the camera and become a co-star of this documentary as he struggles to find a way to tell this story while questioning if Johnathan—a magician, comedian, and performer—is being completely honest with him.

Again, if you can go in knowing just that there’s a comic magician named The Amazing Johnathan (real name John Szeles) and that Ben Berman wanted to make a documentary about him, that’s all you need. Everything else will kind of put a damper on your enjoyment. But if you still need some convincing about why you should watch this terrific documentary, we’ve got the trailer for you.

Check out The Amazing Johnathan Documentary below. The film hits theaters and Hulu on August 16th.

Here’s the official synopsis for The Amazing Johnathan Documentary:

The Amazing Johnathan Documentary begins as a seemingly ordinary profile following the final tour of a dying magician, but becomes an unexpected and increasingly bizarre journey as filmmaker Ben Berman struggles to separate truth from illusion. In select theaters and on Hulu August 16.

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