Exclusive Look at ‘The Art and Making of Rampage’ Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Secrets

     March 12, 2018


We at Collider are happy to debut a few pages from the upcoming Insight Editions book The Art and Making of Rampage, which goes behind the scenes of the upcoming Dwayne Johnson blockbuster. Rampage reunites Johnson with San Andreas director Brad Peyton and is based on the popular video game of the same name. The game is merely a jumping off point for this film, however, as the story follows a primatologist (Johnson) who shares a close bond with George, a remarkably intelligent silverback gorilla. That is, until a rogue genetic experiment transforms the ape into a gigantic, raging monster, along with two other ever-growing predators (a wolf and a crocodile), who go on to wreak havoc on Chicago. It’s then up to Johnson and a few others who know the truth to save the day.

Insight Editions has a reputation for crafting gorgeous and fascinating behind-the-scenes tomes, and The Art and Making of Rampage doesn’t look to be any different. Written by Ellen Wolff, the book contains interviews with key creatives involved in bringing Rampage to the screen, and as you can see in the pages below, there’s plenty of insight to be found.

You’ll discover in the below excerpts why it was necessary to make George an albino ape as opposed to a traditionally colored one, why research was key to making the film believable, and how American Sign Language played a vital role in bringing the story to the screen. Indeed, Peyton reveals he was inspired by Project Koko, in which a gorilla named Koko was taught ASL and still communicates through sign language decades later.

So if you’re a fan of behind-the-scenes stories and want to learn more about how Rampage was brought to the screen—complete with concept art and behind-the-scenes photography—you’ll probably want to pick up The Art and Making of Rampage when it becomes available on April 17th. Rampage hits theaters on April 13th.

Check out our exclusive first look at the book below.

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