THE AVENGERS 2 to Film in the UK in Early 2014 plus a Sneak Peek at the Phase Two Featurette

     April 2, 2013


We’ve got a couple of brief Marvel-related stories for you this morning.  First up, Screen Daily reports that The Avengers 2 will be filming at Pinewood-Shepperton Studios in early 2014, and pre-production will be underway later this year.  The U.K. studio has already developed a strong relationship with Marvel by playing host to Thor: The Dark World.  They’re also setting up to house filming on Guardians of the Galaxy this summer.

In other Marvel news, hit the jump to check out a sneak peek of the upcoming Phase Two featurette that’s on the new Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One box set.  The Avengers 2 opens May 1, 2015.

After being delayed due to copyright oversight regarding the design of the briefcase, the massive Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One box set has been released.  If you don’t own an of the Phase One movies (Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, The Avengers), this isn’t a bad way to buy them.  It’s a stacked box set, and it also includes an “exclusive look at Iron Man 3 and Phase Two”.  While I’m sure someone is rushing to upload that featurette as soon as possible, you can check out a sneak peek at that featurette below.  You can also click here to go buy the box set.

In addition, we just posted possible concept art from Captain America: The Winter Soldier and director James Gunn’s absolutely massive-looking Guardians of the Galaxy Click here to check it out.

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