Joss Whedon Says He Knew the Plot of THE AVENGERS 2 Before He Made AVENGERS; Reveals Filming Will Likely Begin in February

     April 16, 2013


While Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe kicks off in earnest next month with the release of Iron Man 3, fans are understandably clamoring for information regarding the next team-up film The Avengers 2.  We still have four Marvel movies to go through before we see the Avengers sequel—in addition to Iron Man 3 there’s Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Guardians of the Galaxy—but writer/director Joss Whedon is already quite deep in development on The Avengers 2.  The filmmaker revealed in January that his first draft of the script should be done “in a couple of months,” and a few weeks ago we learned that filming is slated to take place in the U.K. in early 2014.

Now Whedon has offered a bit of an update on the superhero sequel, revealing that he already had an idea of the plot of The Avengers 2 before he had figured out The Avengers and confirming that production will likely begin in February.  He also talked a bit about being privy to all of the Marvel goodness that’s yet to come.  Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

the-avengers-2-sequel-joss-whedonSpeaking with Entertainment Tonight (via CBM), Whedon revealed when filming on Avengers 2 might begin and talked about how the idea for the sequel came about:

“We should start shooting I think in February… I didn’t think I was gonna do the second one, but I had an idea for it before I had figured out the first one.  You go into a movie not assuming that there’s going to be [another one].  I’ve seen plenty of movies that were the first part of the trilogy that never happened and it’s terrible.  You don’t save anything for the trip back.  Having said that, though, I did sort of know, ‘Well if they were to come back, I know what’s going to happen… it’s going to be awful.’”

captain-america-2-winter-soldier-chris-evansPart of Whedon’s contract with Marvel for The Avengers 2 also made him an official “creative consultant” on all of the studios other films, and so Whedon has been checking in with the progress of the upcoming Phase Two pics in addition to his script work on Avengers 2:

“I’m really excited [for Phase Two] because I’ve gotten to look at everything and see behind the curtain on all the stuff, and Kevin Feige has a really clear vision and runs through all these movies.  They’re all very different, but they really are what the next story should be.”

With production set to get underway next February, we’re quite a ways off from knowing much about the Avengers follow-up.  The safe bet is on Thanos being the film’s main villain, and it’ll be interesting to see if Marvel brings Whedon to Comic-Con this summer to announce casting or the lineup for Avengers 2, or if they’ll keep the panel focused on the early Phase Two films.  Either way, Collider will be there in full force to bring you a rundown of the many, many Hall H panels.

Watch the full Entertainment Tonight video interview with Whedon below.


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