THE AVENGERS Breaks Records with $178.4 Million International Debut

     April 29, 2012


Director Joss Whedon‘s The Avengers doesn’t open stateside until next weekend, but the film debuted this past week in a number of international markets and it’s already taken in nearly $200 million.  In other words, Disney and Marvel are in for a very good May.  The pic totaled $178.4 million as it opened in 39 territories, breaking records for the largest opening weekend in Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Philippines.  In the UK it took the title of the biggest opening for a superhero film with a $24.7 million debut, and earned $19.7 million in Australia for the country’s second highest opening ever.  Hit the jump for more.

the-avengers-captain-america-chris-evans-imageMany films nowadays are made with great consideration taken into account for their international appeal, given that studios make a large amount of their money off of foreign grosses.  These blockbuster numbers show that the all-star superhero pic has an incredibly wide appeal, and the movie hasn’t even opened yet in China or Russia—two major territories.

Though it may seem frustrating to some that the film is opening early across the globe with the U.S. left to sit and wait, more and more studios are experimenting with this “early release” technique.  Universal’s Battleship has been open in some territories for nearly a month and doesn’t hit domestic screens until May 18th.  Movies filled to the brim with eye candy in lieu of more dramatic or character moments have a broader appeal across the globe (explosions are truly the same in any language).

With the pic poised to do as much as $150 million in its opening weekend here in the U.S. (on top of stellar reviews), The Avengers looks to be a monster hit across the board.  For many, the wait for this movie has been long and torturous, but in mere days it will—hopefully—all have been worth it.



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