‘The Batman’ Begins: Director Matt Reeves Tweets Photo of Production’s First Day

     January 27, 2020


There are three certainties in life: Death, taxes, and feature film adaptations of Batman. While the first two things are generally considered “not so great,” the third thing tends to inspire a little more imagination/excitement: especially when it comes to the upcoming The BatmanMatt Reeves‘ brand new take on the dark knight starring Robert Pattinson in the title role. While some of his castmates have been announced (like Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman) and some actors have shared very cryptic first reactions, many details are still being kept under a tight, black hood. Now, though, we know one thing for sure: They’ve begun filming the superhero picture. How do we know? Well, Reeves just tweeted a damn picture of the first day of shooting.


Image via A24

Granted: He didn’t tweet Pattinson in a Batsuit (Pattsuit?) or Andy Serkis letting a guest into the Batcave or even any character. Instead, Reeves gave us a tasty look at the first day’s slate, a marker productions use to indicate information about the shot being filmed, general info about the project, and help synchronize sound and picture in the post process. CCing his DP Greig Fraser (Rogue One), Reeves’ slate tweet shows us they were working on scene 17 during their first day, alongside some fancy-pants camera stats (and if there are any fellow aspect ratio nerds reading, I’m beyond delighted to share that Reeves and Fraser are shooting 2.39:1). The slate is placed on what I’d call a “very handsome leather chair,” which raises a big question: Where does this scene take place? Is this a nice sitting room in Bruce Wayne’s mansion? A Gotham City council meeting attended by Commissioner Gordon (Jeffrey Wright)? Colin Farrell‘s dapper Penguin getting his dapper supervillain lair on? Or is Reeves stealthily making that Batman/Hannibal crossover I’ve always dreamed of?

The Batman swings into theatres June 25, 2021. Check out Reeves’ photo below, and start speculating! For more Caped Crusader news, here’s reactions to the script from Peter Sarsgaard and Farrell. Plus: our list of every upcoming DC movie.

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