The Best Horror Movies of 2019 So Far

     June 18, 2019

What a decade we’ve had in horror! What started strong, grew ever more impressive as the last 10 years wore on, culminating in the absolute knockout horror lineups of the last five years. With the genre thriving, in studio horror and indie cinema alike, can 2019 close out the decade on a high note? Well, we’re only half-way through to year so it’s too early to tell, but even with half the year to go, there are plenty of horror standouts to add to your watchlist asap.

From theatrical hits like Jordan Peele‘s Us and the superhero slasher Brightburn to under-the-radar festival gems like Braid and The Hole in the Ground, streaming scares like The Perfection and Horror Noire, and the occasional arthouse thrill a la Gaspar Noé‘s dance-horror Climax, here are the best horror movies of 2019, so far.

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