The Best New Movies on Amazon in September 2020

     September 12, 2020


Trying to figure out what to watch on Amazon this month? September has arrived which could mean cozy sweaters, early Halloween decorating, or clinging to the last bastion of summer depending on your mood. Regardless of your seasonal mindset, you’re no doubt looking for some new movies to watch, and Amazon Prime certainly has a variety of new viewing options for the month of September.

Our picks for the best new movies on Amazon range from a sci-fi classic to an iconic James Bond film to a full-on Oscar movie, really and truly offering suggestions for everyone. Indeed, there’s no time like the present to revisit (or watch for the first time) Steven Spielberg’s wildly ambitious Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Or if comedy is more your speed, the Robin Williams movie The Birdcage holds up tremendously well. And if you’re still looking to cram in some Bond prep before No Time to Die, Daniel Craig’s excellent first outing Casino Royale is a much-welcomed new addition to Amazon’s library.

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