The Best Sci-Fi Movies of 2019

     December 19, 2019


Westerns are mostly out, superhero movies are very in, and genre trends are always coming and going in Hollywood, but if there’s one style of genre storytelling that always seems to be in demand, it’s the sci-fi movie. Maybe it’s because it’s a genre that allows for so many vast and varied styles of storytelling — something we saw in full display in best sci-fi movies of 2019.

From pensive dramas like Ad Astra and In the Shadow of the Moon to blockbuster actioners a la Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Terminator: Dark Fate, a few superhero gems, of course, and the wtf-ery of bold swings like High Life and Serenity, the sci-fi films of the year came were delightfully varied.

With that in mind, the staff put together our picks for the best science fiction films of 2019, from the family-friendly to the hard-R highlights. And if you’re looking for more must-see movies, be sure to work your way through the rest of our Best of 2019 lists.

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