THE BLIND SIDE Blu-ray Review

     April 8, 2010

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What is there to say that hasn’t already been said about The Blind Side? With its surprising $255 million domestic box office gross and best actress Oscar for star Sandra Bullock there’s surely no one who reads this site who needs to be sold on the movie. Whether you love it or hate it, you respect it for what it is: A well-made version of a story worth telling that does nothing extraordinary, but does everything well enough to open itself to a massive audience of women, sports fans and more. The Blu-ray does this blockbuster justice and then some with fantastic and insightful special features. It’s a real treat, even for non-fans. Read more after the jump.

The Blind Side is the true story of Michael Oher, a poor orphan who was taken in by a wealthy Southern family who nurtured his football skills and made him not only a successful student but, eventually, an NFL player. Since we don’t get that many big budget football movies, let alone true stories, it was going to take a lot for The Blind Side to fail. And it doesn’t. It does everything just well enough to work without ever giving its audience a moment of jaw-dropping inspiration. You at least feel satisfied by the end of the movie and that’s more then can be said about a lot of them.

The Blind Side movie poster.jpgThe best thing about the film was that after watching it, I wanted to learn more about the realities. What is Michael Oher doing now? How did Leigh Ann Tuohy, played by Sandra Bullock, really treat him? The questions are endless. And while the film was in theaters these answers were hard to come by, the Blu-ray of The Blind Side does a spectacular job of answering them.

There’s an exclusive 10 minute interview with the real Michael Oher which – while it doesn’t ofter any real insight and just rehashes the story of the movie – is great to watch because he’s not a very public figure, despite having an Oscar winning movie made about him. Then there’s a short 6 minute feature called “Acting Coaches” which is an entertaining and original little doc about the real life college football coaches in the movie. That’s followed by at 13 minute piece on Quinton Aaron, the actor who plays Oher in the film, who has his own incredible story just like Oher.

Finally, there are two sets of one on one interviews. The first is between Sandra Bullock and the real Leigh Anne Tuohy and the second is with writer director John Lee Hancock and author Michael Lewis, who wrote the original book the film is based on. The Bullock/Tuohy section is only about 5 minutes long, but does a great job of showing how well the two got along while telling some very fun stories about their meetings. The second section, however, is just under half an hour and breaks down the making of the film, the story, the reality of writing the book and more. I was fascinated by the entire conversation.

Then, to top it all off, there are deleted scenes. Sure they are pointless, but they are there nonetheless.

While I would give the film The Blind Side only a mild recommendation, the Blu-ray is a touchdown. Fans of the film will be totally enthralled and non-fans will find plenty to like in the real life behind the camera drama.

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