Exclusive: THE BOOK OF LIFE Poster Looks over a Gorgeous Day of the Dead Landscape

     May 29, 2014


Today, we’re pleased to premiere the first The Book of Life poster.  Produced by Guillermo Del Toro and directed by Jorge Gutierrez, the film revolves around three childhood friends—Manolo (Diego Luna), Maria (Zoe Saldana), and Joaquin (Channing Tatum)—who find themselves in a love triangle as the gods wager on who will win Maria’s heart.  Manolo is the central character of the story, as he dreams of breaking his family tradition of bullfighting to become a guitar player.  Over the course of the fantastical story, audiences are taken to The Land of the Living, the Land of the Remembered, and the Land of the Forgotten as Manolo seeks to live a complete and fulfilling life that is remembered by the living.  That sounds like a really nice story, and one that’s fitting for a character that would rather make music than kill bulls.  As for the poster, it looks fantastic, and the art kind of reminds me of the awesome game Psychonauts (if you haven’t played it, do so now; it will make your life better).

Hit the jump to check out The Book of Life poster.  The film also features the voices of Hector Elizondo, Danny Trejo, Ice Cube, and Placido DomingoThe Book of Life opens in 3D on October 17th.

Via 20th Century Fox.


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