Exclusive: ‘The Boys’ New AR Mobile Game ‘Baby Laser Tag’ Throws You Into the Action

     August 31, 2020


Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to pull a Billy Butcher and wield a baby with laser eyes as a weapon? Well, wonder no more because a new mobile game based on Amazon’s The Boys is here to put you right into the action of this world. If you’re all caught up on The Boys ahead of the Season 2 premiere on September 4 but still crave the gleefully violent and cheeky action of the Amazon series, then this mobile game just might be what you need.


Image via Amazon Prime Video

Titled “Baby Laser Tag,” this isn’t your average mobile game — it’s an augmented reality mobile game. When you download the “Baby Laser Tag” game from your app store and fire it up, one of the first steps will be holding up your phone to scan the surrounding area. Once that’s locked in, the game will populate your space with the trappings of a Vought storage room (much like the room where Billy and the boys discovered the Supes baby facility at Vought HQ in Season 1) and it’s in here that you will wield a laser-eyed baby to turn Vought agents and the Seven into a bloody pulp while trying to survive as long as possible. The game features 3D-scanned character models from The Boys, making the gameplay all the more thrilling and realistic. Additionally, players can check out in-game objects featured in Season 2 and take blood-spattered selfies. “Baby Laser Tag” will be available to The Boys fans in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. As someone who was able to play the game ahead of launch, I can promise you “Baby Laser Tag” is as much fun as it sounds.

A trailer hyping up the release of “Baby Laser Tag” debuted on Monday morning to give you a sneak peek into the fun of holding a Vought super baby who can shoot big ol’ laser beams from its eyes. Styled as a shopping channel infomercial from the fictional Vought Network, let’s just say the infomercial hyping up selling laser babies doesn’t go as planned. Then again, using a laser baby as a weapon while also taking care of it looks like a piece of cake — just ask The Boys star Jack Quaid.

The Boys Season 2 premieres its first three episodes on Amazon Prime Video on September 4. You can download “Baby Laser Tag” for iOS and Android now through your preferred app store. Watch the laser-filled trailer for “Baby Laser Tag” below. For more, check out our review of The Boys Season 2 before you watch.

Allie Gemmill is the Weekend Contributing Editor for Collider. You can follow them on Twitter @_matineeidle.